Freedom & Simplicity™ Math ~ Level A

fsmathAcoverDid you really think you needed an expensive program and props to teach your beginners? Think again. This little guide covers it all and can be done with real household items (and a few fun helps if you want) and in Freedom & Simplicity™. Nothing else needed. Give your child a great start in understanding real math, as connected to God’s Creation, not workbook pages presenting some abstract theory.

Yes, all the Math instruction you need for 1 full year. This resource gives you all you need. But it is not a workbook and does not include daily lesson plans, etc. It follows the real life methods presented in the rest of our website and resources.

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Format: pdf ebook

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Levels B & C coming soon.

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Freedom & Simplicity™ Poetry Study

fspoetry-coverA Biblical Principles Guide to Painless Poetry Study

Perhaps you feel poetry is just an “extra” that you don’t have time for. Poetry may require a little bit of effort to “squeeze it in”, but it can be one of the most enjoyable aspects of your language studies, as well as enrich your history studies. Poetry is an art of excellence. It is a use of language for both beauty and growth in our lives.

This guide will help find that beauty and growth as you incorporate Poetry Study into your home education with Freedom & Simplicity™, through quick and painless daily activities. As you become comfortable with Poetry, you can go Beyond the Basics adding further activities and building a Biblical foundation for your Poetry Studies when you have time.

Another in our series of “Dirt Cheap” Freedom & Simplicity™ guides
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Praying Around the World


A Prayer Guide & Journal Pages

These Journal Pages will help you record what you learn about each country of the world and their prayer needs, as you Pray Around the World, 1 country a day.

Each country’s page includes a map and the flag of the country, as well as places to record information about the country and its prayer needs. Recommended FREE resources will help you find the information you need to Pray Around the World.

This set is broken down into several sections to match our prayer schedule. Book IV, including the countries in alphabetical order from China to El Salvador. Book V, including Equatorial Guinea to India. Book VI-VII, including Indonesia to Macedonia. Book Numbers correspond to the months according to Operations World’s prayer schedule. Other books in this series available soon.

$3 each
Format: pdf ebook

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Growing in Christ’s Image

gcicoverA Character Book of Remembrance

Add to your faith virtue, … 2 Peter 1:5

Character is the second most important thing we disciple our children in. It is something we both teach and train in – day in and day out. It isn’t the easiest thing we can teach our children. Math, Reading, HisStory are all so much easier. But after the knowledge of God and Salvation by Jesus the Christ alone, Character is the most important thing we can train our children in. We must have the Character ourselves to be consistent and diligent in teaching them. We must realize that the trials we face, even in this, are for our own maturing and growth in the image of Christ.

This resource contains over 25 journaling forms masters for documenting the information, illustrations, and applications we learn in our studies of Character Qualities. Each form has 2 different formats, for beginning writers (who need ruled mid-lines) and more experienced writers (who don’t).

These Journaling forms can be used for personalized study, (searching the dictionary, the Scriptures, and other resources for your own study,) or with character teaching resources you have. Character for Life and other biographies of heroes of faith can be helpful. 

Click for Sample form.

Permission given to make copies as needed for your own immediate family, for as many character studies as you desire.

Format: pdf ebook

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Freedom & Simplicity™ ThanksGiving Study


A Biblical Principles Study Guide

This biblically principled study guide of ThanksGiving – both the attitude of gratitude and the holiday – covers:

  • HisStory: His Word on Thankfulness
  • HisStory: The Pilgrims
  • HisStory: Thanksgiving Day
  • HisStory: In Your Life

It is jam packed full of ideas of what to study (in reliable primary source documents and living books) and how to study it (by the R Road to Biblical Wisdom method) and how to document your study (into a Book of Remembrance Journal or MyMini Book of Remembrance™ lapbook.)

Leading questions will guide you as you reason through your study. Also included are lists and links for highly recommended resources for your studies – both physical books and audios to order and free online resources, and activities for you to complete.

You choose the resources and activities that suit your family and the amount of time and money you want to invest in the study. Reuse it year after year as you expand your wisdom, understanding and knowledge of Thankfulness to God and of the Pilgrims, using different resources and activities. This can be a one day study, a one week study, or longer up to a month or 6 weeks.

FREE BONUS! When you order A Freedom & Simplicity™ ThanksGiving Study we’ll include ThanksGiving Journaling Pages ebook, for you to document your study, for FREE!

Click here for Sampler.

Format: pdf ebook

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Freedom & Simplicity™ for Vocabulary & English Roots


A Biblical Principles Course
with Notebooking Pages

Words have meanings. And knowing the meanings of a wide variety of words and how to use them properly helps us communicate more precisely to others so they can understand us better. It also is a great help in learning more new words.

If you plan to go to college, a study of English Vocabulary is important. If you plan to converse with others effectively (and I hope you do) it is vital.

This Freedom & Simplicity™ resource provides the tools you need to effectively study Vocabulary, so you can effectively use it in communication. Follow the R Road process to reason through several types of word studies, and Journal these studies on the provided notebooking forms. Rather than a full list of words to study, this course gives you the tools to study any word! Why do Word Studies? Read here.

$10.00 Introductory Special $5.00
Format: pdf ebook

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Handwriting Practice Pages

FShandwritingpractice-coverCopywork pertaining to our current studies is our general method of practicing handwriting, but sometimes extra, focused practice is needed for some children. These Practice Pages fill that need. Plenty of practice, (along with reminders to observe the Rudiments,) in 2 sizes of manuscript and 1 of cursive, for the alphabet and sentences using every letter of the alphabet. Suggestions for use for a full year for all your students using Freedom & Simplicity™ in Handwriting, or any other italic handwriting program.

This is not meant to be a handwriting “curriculum” but rather fun, extra, basic practice, for those that have already learned letter formation and just need a little extra work on the Rudiments. Use it alongside Freedom & Simplicity™ in Handwriting (or other italic program) and Copywork, as needed. The introduction gives you suggestions for use. Click for sample Practice Page.

Format: pdf ebook

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Freedom & Simplicity™ in Handwriting

FShandwriting-coverA Biblical Approach to Handwriting Instruction

A Biblical Principles way to teach Handwriting? Really? Really! God and His Word are the Source of All we learn – even Handwriting.

Learning and Teaching Handwriting Biblically doesn’t mean you just use Scriptures for your Copywork. This L.E.D. Freedom & Simplicity™ Guide will help you find the Biblical foundation, principles and rudiments of Handwriting and even lead you through the application with instruction in both Manuscript and Cursive. Find Freedom & Simplicity™ in why we teach it, what we teach, and how we teach it!

Principled Handwriting instruction – From the introduction:“Who would have ever thought that there is a principled way to teach Handwriting? Not I. Oh, I know that everything comes from God, and should be taught based upon this, but I never thought I would delve into what principled teaching of Handwriting looks like. Perhaps you haven’t either. Then this study is for you. This guide does not cover the broader details relating to writing and English in general, only as applied to Handwriting.” – Teaches the foundations of Handwriting, and instruction in Manuscript and Cursive.

The only book you need to teach ALL ages – includes the foundations of Handwriting, and instruction in Manuscript and Cursive. Click for Free Sampler. 

BONUS! Handwriting Journal Pages included with purchase. Over 50 Journaling forms to go along with Freedom & Simplicity™ in Handwriting. 

$17.50 Special $15
Format: pdf ebook

Check out our Handwriting Practice Pages to complete this set.

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It’s About Time ~ Freedom & Simplicity™ Timelines

fstimelinescover13 Types of Timelines & How to Make Them

HisStory is about Time. It’s about God working throughout time, to reveal His plan. Time shapes each event on earth into what it is. Being able to place events, ideas and lives into their correct time brings much understanding to His (God’s) Story. A timeline is a tool that helps us place those happenings.

In addition to great reasons for utilizing a timeline in your studies, there are many types of timelines, and ways you can design a timeline. In this Guidebook, I share both with you. But most of all I share with you how we have come to Freedom & Simplicity™ with Timelines. What tools are going to be the most effective and easiest to use for the task at hand, understanding the flow of all of HisStory? And how to we make them and use them?

In It’s About Time, we look at 13 different types of timelines, and directions for making and using them, and provide you with several options for timeline figures—many of them free!

This Freedom & Simplicity™ guide covers:

  • The Purpose and Framework of Timelines
  • The Pictorial Framework Timeline
  • Timeline Figures
  • The Timeline in a Book
  • Journal (Notebook) Timeline Pages
  • Timeline on a Board
  • Timeline in a Box
  • Other Timeline Formats
  • Beyond the Timeline – the P.I.P.E. Book of Remembrance Journal

$4.95 – Special $3.00
Format: pdf ebook

Related resources: PIPEline of HisStory and PIPEline Book of Remembrance

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PIPEline Book of Remembrance


Color-coded Timeline Journal

See how HisStory all fits together as you journal your way through your studies, in your own personal timeline in a book.

Color-coded timeline journal to correspond with our PIPEline of HisStory™. 4 continuous lines span the 22″ page spreads, labeled from 4004 BC to 2030 AD with plenty of labeled pages for each time period. Journal the names/events and dates as you study them. “To scale” color-coded timeline page, labeled with Key reference points from the PIPEline of HisStory, for reference. Includes Creation page.

Great companion resource to Freedom & Simplicity™ in HisStory and PIPEline of HisStory™ or use with any HisStory study.

Permission to print one book for each member of your own immediate household.

$30.00 Special $20.00
Format: pdf ebook

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