Freedom & Simplicity™ for Vocabulary & English Roots


A Biblical Principles Course
with Notebooking Pages

Words have meanings. And knowing the meanings of a wide variety of words and how to use them properly helps us communicate more precisely to others so they can understand us better. It also is a great help in learning more new words.

If you plan to go to college, a study of English Vocabulary is important. If you plan to converse with others effectively (and I hope you do) it is vital.

This Freedom & Simplicity™ resource provides the tools you need to effectively study Vocabulary, so you can effectively use it in communication. Follow the R Road process to reason through several types of word studies, and Journal these studies on the provided notebooking forms. Rather than a full list of words to study, this course gives you the tools to study any word! Why do Word Studies? Read here.

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Format: pdf ebook

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  1. Our Customers’ Comments & Reviews

    If you are lacking confidence in teaching word studies or English roots analysis, or just never understand how to go about the different studies, this guide will give you the details to help you overcome the obstacles that have been holding you back. Lisa has broken down the steps for each type of research and even done the work of making a unique notebook form for each variation. She also does a wonderful job of guiding you through from the parts to the whole, beginning with the foundations of Vocabulary itself. Mostly I learned the differences in each sort of word study; what to look for and how to document my findings. Anyone wanting to broaden their vocabulary, more clearly understand any subject, increase their ability to communicate, will find this guide to be a valuable asset. ~ T.B.


    Lisa’s Freedom & Simplicity Study of Vocabulary & English Roots is a great tool for developing a stronger understanding of our language. So often, we catch ourselves saying, “I can’t define that word, but I’m sure I’m using it correctly”. Now, with Lisa’s program, we can learn to reason through words. Studying the roots of words, and learning suffixes and prefixes, broadens our ability to decipher many more words in the English language. Using the R Road process is very helpful to understanding each word we study, loading it into our memory bank, and of course, into a booklet for review any time. ~ J.C.

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