Freedom & Simplicity™ ThanksGiving Study


A Biblical Principles Study Guide

This biblically principled study guide of ThanksGiving – both the attitude of gratitude and the holiday – covers:

  • HisStory: His Word on Thankfulness
  • HisStory: The Pilgrims
  • HisStory: Thanksgiving Day
  • HisStory: In Your Life

It is jam packed full of ideas of what to study (in reliable primary source documents and living books) and how to study it (by the R Road to Biblical Wisdom method) and how to document your study (into a Book of Remembrance Journal or MyMini Book of Remembrance™ lapbook.)

Leading questions will guide you as you reason through your study. Also included are lists and links for highly recommended resources for your studies – both physical books and audios to order and free online resources, and activities for you to complete.

You choose the resources and activities that suit your family and the amount of time and money you want to invest in the study. Reuse it year after year as you expand your wisdom, understanding and knowledge of Thankfulness to God and of the Pilgrims, using different resources and activities. This can be a one day study, a one week study, or longer up to a month or 6 weeks.

FREE BONUS! When you order A Freedom & Simplicity™ ThanksGiving Study we’ll include ThanksGiving Journaling Pages ebook, for you to document your study, for FREE!

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Format: pdf ebook

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It’s About Time ~ Freedom & Simplicity™ Timelines

fstimelinescover13 Types of Timelines & How to Make Them

HisStory is about Time. It’s about God working throughout time, to reveal His plan. Time shapes each event on earth into what it is. Being able to place events, ideas and lives into their correct time brings much understanding to His (God’s) Story. A timeline is a tool that helps us place those happenings.

In addition to great reasons for utilizing a timeline in your studies, there are many types of timelines, and ways you can design a timeline. In this Guidebook, I share both with you. But most of all I share with you how we have come to Freedom & Simplicity™ with Timelines. What tools are going to be the most effective and easiest to use for the task at hand, understanding the flow of all of HisStory? And how to we make them and use them?

In It’s About Time, we look at 13 different types of timelines, and directions for making and using them, and provide you with several options for timeline figures—many of them free!

This Freedom & Simplicity™ guide covers:

  • The Purpose and Framework of Timelines
  • The Pictorial Framework Timeline
  • Timeline Figures
  • The Timeline in a Book
  • Journal (Notebook) Timeline Pages
  • Timeline on a Board
  • Timeline in a Box
  • Other Timeline Formats
  • Beyond the Timeline – the P.I.P.E. Book of Remembrance Journal

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Format: pdf ebook

Related resources: PIPEline of HisStory and PIPEline Book of Remembrance

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PIPEline Book of Remembrance


Color-coded Timeline Journal

See how HisStory all fits together as you journal your way through your studies, in your own personal timeline in a book.

Color-coded timeline journal to correspond with our PIPEline of HisStory™. 4 continuous lines span the 22″ page spreads, labeled from 4004 BC to 2030 AD with plenty of labeled pages for each time period. Journal the names/events and dates as you study them. “To scale” color-coded timeline page, labeled with Key reference points from the PIPEline of HisStory, for reference. Includes Creation page.

Great companion resource to Freedom & Simplicity™ in HisStory and PIPEline of HisStory™ or use with any HisStory study.

Permission to print one book for each member of your own immediate household.

$30.00 Special $20.00
Format: pdf ebook

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PIPEline of HisStory


Pictorial Framework of HisStory for a Timeline

History is God’s Story, and it is best taught within a framework – seeing the Big Picture. Ruth Beechick says that this framework should be simple enough for a child to memorize – no more than about 12 items. The PIPEline of HisStory™ is a set of pictorial representations of major links on thePIPEline of HisStory™ to give your children this framework.

Use these with our Freedom & Simplicity™ in HisStory guide or any history program to give an outline of God’s Story throughout time. Easy to use! See a list of the links and a picture of the PIPEline of HisStory on a wall.

$10.00 Special $7.50
Format: pdf 

Great companion resource to Freedom & Simplicity™ in HisStory and PIPEline Book of Remembrance. See PIPEline Book of Remembrance page for Combo price for all 3.

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Freedom & Simplicity™ in HisStory


A L.E.D. Guide to Learning & Teaching HisStory

Everything has a history and it is all His Story.  HisStory is the backbone of our studies, and is taught as the story of God working His plan through individuals and nations.

This L.E.D. Freedom & Simplicity™ Guide will walk you step by step through the process of learning and teaching HisStory by Biblical Principles. These steps begin with the Biblical foundations, principles, and rudiments of HisStory, and move through the processes for studying and planning, to presenting and documenting the lessons. An overview of what to study is provided – time period divisions and content/ aspects within them, as well as suggested resources. (approx. 100 pages of rich information)

Learn how to plan, teach, and document a L.E.D. study of History.

Click for Free Sampler. See Table of Contents.

FREE BONUS! PIPEline Journal Pages – 10 reproducible Notebooking pages you’ll use over and over in your studies of HisStory.

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Format: pdf ebook

Great companion resource to PIPEline of HisStory and PIPEline Book of Remembrance. See PIPEline Book of Remembrance page for Combo price for all 3.

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