Freedom & Simplicity™ in HisStory


A L.E.D. Guide to Learning & Teaching HisStory

Everything has a history and it is all His Story.  HisStory is the backbone of our studies, and is taught as the story of God working His plan through individuals and nations.

This L.E.D. Freedom & Simplicity™ Guide will walk you step by step through the process of learning and teaching HisStory by Biblical Principles. These steps begin with the Biblical foundations, principles, and rudiments of HisStory, and move through the processes for studying and planning, to presenting and documenting the lessons. An overview of what to study is provided – time period divisions and content/ aspects within them, as well as suggested resources. (approx. 100 pages of rich information)

Learn how to plan, teach, and document a L.E.D. study of History.

Click for Free Sampler. See Table of Contents.

FREE BONUS! PIPEline Journal Pages – 10 reproducible Notebooking pages you’ll use over and over in your studies of HisStory.

$25.00 Special $20.00
Format: pdf ebook

Great companion resource to PIPEline of HisStory and PIPEline Book of Remembrance. See PIPEline Book of Remembrance page for Combo price for all 3.

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  1. Our Customers’ Comments & Reviews

    I purchased Lisa’s HisStory guide and was actually blessed with a few days to read through it all. I just want to encourage anyone who might be struggling with understanding PA and how to implement it to consider purchasing this wonderful resource. Lisa has such a gift of words and PA (with the emphasis on HisStory) is all succinctly explained in her guide.

    This is what you get: It is a complete “how to teach history” guide which includes an explanation of the principles (though renamed and better explained, IMO), the CoC (renamed as the PIPEline, some events renamed, some added links, and, again, all better explained), plus the whole how-to of laying the foundations straight thru the presentation of the details of HisStory. She also includes some booklists. It is appropriately titled Freedom & Simplicity because you really feel that coming across in her guide, but yet there is enough guidance there to be helpful.

    I feel like I’ve been staring at all the puzzle pieces for 2 years with no idea how to put all the pieces together. This guide does that for me.

    Thank you so much Lisa for taking the time to put all this on paper to bless others. K.B.


    I know we have all benefited greatly from Lisa H.’s gift of being able to simplify things in our discussion. I purchased her updated guide yesterday afternoon and received it by download.
    I cannot say enough about this resource!!!!!! I would HIGHLY recommend it! It is a steal at $15 for both the guide and PIPEline.
    I have been studying PA for over a year and just having read a quarter of the guide so far, I feel like it makes things so much easier to understand. And actually gives me the hope and confidence that I actually will be able to PA history THIS YEAR with my boys!!!!!! It is not a curriculum, but a guide. L.


    I’m not done with your book yet…It is so much to ingest and digest…each topic is ‘heavy’ with meaning and they seem to keep unfolding inside of me as I take the time to just mull it over. I’m onto where you talk about putting in the furnishings…the application of planning history lessons but I keep going over the methodology section and I get a little more each time I go thru I’m savoring it and it is delicious ..because of the Spirit of Christ in the foundation, methodology and application of what u write about…God in all and thru all!!! But then again the bible does tell us to GET OUR OWN TASTE OF GOD AND SEE IF WE FIND THAT HE IS GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! D.R.


    I just can’t say enough about this amazing guide. I have been trying to learn the PA for some time and drop in on this group often only to feel overwhelmed! Last Thursday I read the note about this and decided I’d give it a try, I spent most of last weekend devouring it and I am so grateful for the applicable information.

    I have homeschooled for 12 years and the Lord has been pulling me to this [PA] approach for most of them, I have fought Him due to having 7 children from 17 to 9 weeks and just didn’t feel I had the time to invest.

    My hope is to encourage other moms that are feeling this way to keep going, don’t give up, and get this guide it really is freeing and simple ……I can finally say “I get it!”

    Thank you Lisa, the Lord has used you to write this guide for those of us that needed a different angle. T.B.



    I am loving what I am reading!!!!!! Thank you so much for taking the time to write this out for us and invest in other families!!!!
    As usual, you simplify things so much!!!

    [follow up]
    I have been reading your history guide again today. I’ve been so busy, I hadn’t had a chance to read it for quite some time.
    So encouraging! It reminds me of why I feel in love w/PA in the first place! It leads me right back to Him and His word! L.P.


    Hi Lisa, I have finished the Freedom and Simplicity in HisStory. It is wonderful. I have such an hope for our school in general, not just History, from reading this, and a real big change in our way of doing HisStory. I would like to order your e-book Sorting it Out and Pulling it Together also. C.W.


    I have read your Freedom and Simplicity in HisStory and it is wonderful! I’m so excited. And, now I am just dying to put it on a Learning Map so I can get a good overview of how it all fits together.

    I think this is exactly what I’ve been yearning for, and am excited for my other books to come so I can read more. Thank you for your wonderful resources, and help. Ah, it is good to feel at home with a plan that will help me to implement what I’ve been trying to ponder in my mind. D.W.


    I was so glad I printed out your guide before I left Lisa. I was able to get thru all but the very last book recommendations. All I can say is WOW!

    You made a statement in your guide that you would not be presumptuous to improve upon the scholarship of Slater & Rose. Well, guess what?!? You did!!! This is an amazing resource, Lisa. God has gifted you and I am so glad you were willing to take the time and write it all down for people like me who need more hand holding. I am finally getting it. What an enormous breakthrough. I love how your have renamed principles, the 4Ring process, and the PIPE (w/ extra and renamed links) as opposed to CoC. This is wonderful!!!!

    People really need to have this in their hands. It is the best $12.50 I’ve ever spent! K.B.


    I would HIGHLY recommend Lisa’s “Freedom and Simplicity in HisStory” and the timeline you can purchase to go along w/it. So easy to understand and actually implement. If I remember right, it is $15-20. One of my best investments yet! L.P.


    Hi Lisa, The HisStory guide is SO helpful!! Thank you for all of your hard work.


    Hi Lisa, I ordered your Freedom & Simplicity w/ the PIPEline a week or so ago. Although a lot of it I have read or heard before, something was different this time. I had several “a ha” moments and understood things I never did before. I am so very thankful. L.G.


    Thanks, Lisa. They are awesome. Going through them now. Should have gotten them earlier. Thanks for your ministry. M.G.


    Hi Lisa, K. recently showed me her copy of Freedom & Simplicity in HiStory, and I just have to have a copy:) What a wonderful PA resource I would also like to order a copy of the PIPEline of HisStory. M.F.


    Hi Lisa, I am truly pleased by F & S [HisStory] and so I am now ordering: Sorting it Out, and Pulling it Together. God Bless you for helping make these practical resources to help me train my children for Him. P


    I have really enjoyed your Freedom & Simplicity in HisStory book and wondered more about your Sorting it Out-Pulling it together book. S.T.


    Hi Lisa, I am just enjoying reading your History ebook. It’s great! C.V.

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