ThanksGiving Time

Yes, it’s that time of year again. A special time of focusing on Thanks and Giving is just around the corner. I love Fall. I love the Fall Feasts. I love ThanksGiving. For me it’s a special season of honoring God for Who He is and what He’s done, including through our forefathers, as well as a time of digging into His Word on this topic, and reflecting on what He is working in me and my family.

A few years ago I pulled together ideas from our own Biblically principled studies of this topic, into a  study for YOU and YOUR family. It covers both the attitude of Gratitude and the Holiday of ThanksGiving – a study of God’s Word and a study of the Pilgrims, a study of the American holiday and a study of our lives of Thanks and Giving. The book is filled with plenty of ideas for your study. It’s laid out in an easy to use way, AND it is easy to use in the way that best suits YOUR time frame and depth desired. It also walks you down “R Road” of a Biblically principled study.

NOW would be a great time to start this study. Whether you want to do just a little bit here and there, along with your other studies, to get a good understanding before the holiday time, or if you’d prefer to really dig in and give this in-depth attention over the next several weeks. There’s plenty of optional activities recommended to keep you busy as long as you’d like.

Maybe it works best for you to just take a few days right before Thanksgiving to work on this. This works too! A Freedom & Simplicity™ ThanksGiving Study will work for you the way YOU want it to. It’s designed to fit YOU and be YOUR study.

There are a couple of resources listed in it that you may want to order – a good reason to get A Freedom & Simplicity™ ThanksGiving Study now. But you don’t have to buy anything to make this a complete study. The book includes many, many links to free resources you can use to complete the study – and some resources are even completely included in the Appendices of the book. A Freedom & Simplicity™ ThanksGiving Study comes to you as an ebook download, so you’ll have it in your possession within 24 hours of ordering and can get started reading through it and planning your study right away.

Check it out today – and while you’re there browse around our other Lifestyle Education through Discipleship™ resources.

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It’s not too late to order

A Freedom & Simplicity!™ ThanksGiving Study

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Thanksgiving Continues

Although the set-aside HolyDay for giving thanks has ended, the giving of thanks should never end. We should live a constant life of ThanksLiving. An attitude of gratitude is something we should especially be discipling our children in – all the time, but especially as the next HolyDay approaches.

The Christmas season, like Thanksgiving Day has changed its focus in our secularized (focused on only the here and now – no history, no future means as much as NOW) and “me-first” society. Thanksgiving Day is many times called “Turkey Day” now, as there is no thanks given. (I won’t go there as I’ve already posted a bit on that.) Christmas is many times no longer about celebrating the incarnation of God with us, but about what I can get, and whether I’ll get what I want.

What better preparation can we give our children for this season than solid discipling in gratefulness, (besides teaching them the reason for the season, Jesus, of course.) I’ve given resource recommendations for Character Discipleship on our Growing in Christ’s Image page. Check them out today and, if you haven’t already, begin your study in Gratefulness and Journal your study with Growing in Christ’s Image.


Thanksgiving Announcement

Whoo-hoo! We’ve been working around the clock on this JUST FOR YOU –
JUST IN TIME for your Thanksgiving Studies!

Announcing the release of

A Freedom & Simplicity™ Thanksgiving Study!

No time to get a webpage for it up right now, but here’s what you get:

a biblically principled study guide of Thanksgiving – both the attitude of gratitude and the holiday. This e-resource covers:

  • HisStory: His Word on Thankfulness
  • HisStory: The Pilgrims
  • HisStory: Thanksgiving Day
  • HisStory: In Your Life

It is jam packed full of ideas of what to study (in reliable primary source documents and living books) and how to study it (by R Road to Biblical Wisdom) and how to document your study (into a Book of Remembrance Journal or MyMini Book of Remembrance lapbook.)

Leading questions will guide you as you reason through your study. Also included are lists and links for highly recommended resources for your studies – both physical books and audios to order and free online resources, and activities for you to complete.

You choose the resources and activities that suit your family and the amount of time and money you want to invest in the study. Reuse it year after year as you expand your wisdom, understanding and knowledge of Thankfulness to God and of the Pilgrims, using different resources and activities. This can be a one day study, a one week study, or longer up to a month to 6 weeks.

Well, more later. I’ve got to get to bed.

Get started your Thanksgiving Study TODAY – Nov.  20, 2008. Introductory Price is $10.

You can also get a free Sampler of it (for a limited time).

Don’t forget to check out our Thanksgiving MEGA-Sale!

Announcing: Growing in Christ’s Image

We are excited to announce our latest release, just in time for Thanksgiving and a study in Gratefulness –

Growing in Christ’s Image
A Character Book of Remembrance

Add to your faith virtue, … 2 Peter 1:5

gcicover.jpgCharacter is the second most important thing we disciple our children in. It is something we both teach and train in – day in and day out. It isn’t the easiest thing we can teach our children. Math, Reading, HisStory are all so much easier. But after the knowledge of God and Salvation by Jesus the Christ alone, Character is the most important thing we can train our children in. We must have the Character ourselves to be consistent and diligent in teaching them. We must realize that the trials we face, even in this, are for our own maturing and growth in the image of Christ.

These Journaling forms will assist you in recording the information, illustrations, and applications you learn, into a Book of Remembrance, as you study the Character Qualities necessary for self-government and growth in Christ.

Read more about it, download a sample, and order here.

Leave me a comment for a chance to WIN Growing in Christ’s Image!  I will draw a winner next weekend and announce them on this blog. (Comments must be left by Friday midnight, Central time. Be sure to leave your name and contact info.)

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A Peek at Our Gratefulness study

Greetings from Me and My House,

Our Gratefulness study was completed – lapbooks and all. This was a fun study, especially our lapbooks. We had a lot of greaet discussions. Hopefully we are applying what we have learned and expressing Gratefulness better. I think all of us have become more aware, and are doing this.

We began this study by defining Gratefulness and it’s counter-character traits, Pride and Murmering.

We looked at Scriptures showing us what God says about Gratefulness and Pride, and noted who we should be grateful to and for.

We looked at examples in nature and the Bible.

And discovered the key to Gratefulness and ways we can express it.

We determined specific practical applications we can make in our own lives – who we will express Gratefulness to and how.

One of the projects we completed was writing Thank You notes for Christmas presents.

For Me & My House ~ at Jesus’ feet,
Lisa @Me and My House ~ Discipleship for Life!
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Teaching Self-Government – by the Mashal

As I’ve indicated before, the Mashal is a Hebrew way of teaching by parable, proverb, story – an analogy, metphor – relating what you are teaching to something the disciple already knows. Here’s an illustration of a recent Mashallic teaching I did for our children.

We were (are) studying Governments. I wanted to illustrate to them that the more they are self-governed under God, the less they need to be governed by others.

I took an empty glass and an empty balloon, and put the balloon in the glass. I explained that the balloon is them, the glass is like all the government over their life, and the space between the glass and balloon is external government – people that have to control them. The air inside the balloon is internal government, when there is very little or no air in the balloon, they have very little of the Holy Spirit controlling their life and need much external government – A LOT of control, represented by a lot of air in the glass.

Then I blew the balloon up into the glass. When we are filled with the Holy Spirit (the breath of God) we walk in self-control/ self-government under God, and do not need much external control. There is very little space in the glass around the balloon.

We memorized Galatians 5:22-23. Simple but effective. Better than the little circles drawn in the curriculum.


Early Learning – Character

Greetings from Me and My House,

Probably one of the top 10 misunderstandings of the “Better Late than Early” philosophy is that if you aren’t “doing school” (i.e. traditional academics) with your young children then you aren’t teaching them anything. We all know that nothing is further from the truth.

One aspect that we highly focus on during these years (anywhere from toddler to preteen) is character development. One excellent tool we can use as part of our “character curriculum” that also covers “doing school” is the reading aloud of biographies of those of great Christian character. We have and use several resources for this.

One of our favorites for the younger crowd is the 3 book series of Hero Tales. In these books are short stories from the lives of several “famous” Christians – 3 stories per person. These are by Dave and Neta Jackson, the authors of the Trailblazers series – which are also excellent stories of missionaries’ lives, though told through a fictional story. For the little bit older children (and adults :-), the new Then and Now series of Christian biographies by Janet and Geoff Benge is excellent.

The stories in Hero Tales are short enough that you can finish them in one setting with little ones. After reading and narrating a story, we discuss what godly character was in the life of the person and how we can be like them. This is just one tool we can to help our children develop godly character in their lives.

At Jesus’ feet,

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