Freedom & Simplicity™ on R Road to Biblical Wisdom

RRoadA “How to” Guide for Biblical Learning in Home Education

The Framework for L.E.D. ~
Our Methodology for Teaching and Learning

What does Biblically principled education look like? How does it differ from other methods? Can I really apply the same methods in everything we study? Does this really bring me and my children freedom? Can it really be applied in simplicity? How can natural, lifestyle methods produce an education of excellence?

These are questions I’m asked about the methodology of Lifestyle Education through Discipleship™, and this Learning Guide answers them. Come along with us on R Road, and learn the R’s you can apply, simply, to learn anything you desire, from a Biblical perspective. Each R along the Road is a simple method that leads to excellence in learning, so we can grow in Wisdom, Understanding, and Knowledge and walk in liberty. Nearly 100 pages of detailed information and application tips.

 Free Sample Chapter. Learning Map Outline.

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Format: pdf ebook

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