Freedom & Simplicity™ of L.E.D. Seminar


Equipping You to Teach for Discipleship for Life!™

Foundational information for starting Lifestyle Education through Discipleship™. These recordings of a LIVE Seminar will walk you through the Biblical foundations and vision of education, the principles L.E.D. is based upon, and how to make practical applications in your own home.

The L.E.D. Seminar will equip you to teach Discipleship for Life!™

  • How to educate from a Biblical Worldview
  • How to teach Biblical Principles in all of Life, and every “school subject”
  • How to teach multiple ages – without cloning yourself
  • How to disciple your children for God’s purpose for their lives
  • How to use Real Books and Natural methods for Excellence
  • Hands-on application included
  • Make the Biblical excellence of the Principle Approach family friendly, and the Natural learning of Charlotte Mason methods Biblically grounded, arrange them into multi-level topical studies and you’re off!


Real Books and Family-Friendly Natural Methods
+ Biblical Foundations and Reasoning for Excellence 
= Freedom & Simplicity™ in Biblical Home Education

Includes audio recordings of all sessions of this full day seminar, plus all handouts and slides.

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Format: mp3 audios, ppt slides, pdf handouts

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One Response to Freedom & Simplicity™ of L.E.D. Seminar

  1. Our Customers’ Comments & Reviews – Add your own if you’ve purchased or attended this Seminar

    Hi Lisa, I got your I guess “older” [2005] now seminar:) a couple of weeks ago and was wondering if the 2007 one is very much different? Your “Old” one is soooo wonderful and I am so excited and just so new to all this. I am just trying to get information in … and now am wondering if you have NEW information you are passing on. I just LOVE the way you teach and your heart ….I just can not tell you the breath of fresh air God has given me through you I was so overwhelmed by PA till I saw that you had 10 kids and were doing this.

    [follow up]
    I am so excited to listen to your new seminar I have gotten so much from the 2005 one. C.W.


    This was excellent!! It helped clarify some things and reinforce others for me …I love the scripture references…my heart bore witness to all of them!! Thanks Lisa. D.R.


    Lisa, I love this! I encourage you all to make time to listen. And the power point and handouts are terrific. Thanks for sharing this with us. A.H.


    I agree! I just finished listening and this is excellent- I can’t
    wait until I can buy the whole set! Thanks again Lisa! M.P.

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