Refrigerator Charts Master Pack

refrigeratorchartEasy “Recordkeeping” for the Little Ones

This Master pack of 9 reproducible charts includes 3 types of charts, and 2-4 variations of each. Blank charts also included for your convenience. Print out which you need, when you need it.


The (Original) Refrigerator Charts and the My Daily Duties/ Responsibilities Charts are a basic, responsibility down the left side and days of the week across the top, type chart. The Refrigerator Charts have 6 basic categories of responsibilities. The Daily Duties/ Responsibilities Charts have 17, more specific duties. The other 2 files are Learning Maps – that is colorful, pictorial graphic organizers (mind-maps) of responsibilities. These are my favorites! We call them Books of Remembrance. Most of our Books of Remembrance are Journals we write, but these 2 are to help us remember our responsibilities. These 2 don’t have daily spaces to mark off. They are just a colorful reminder.

Format: pdf

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Redeeming the Time Journal ~ Favorite Forms


Favorite Forms includes Redeeming the Time Journal™ master forms for 3 areas of journaling: Spiritual JourneyP.R.A.Y., and Day-by-Day Book of Remembrance. There are 12 different designs for each form, in additions to other options, making this resource over 110 pages.

This set produces forms that will fit in a “half-sheet” size (5.5″ x 8.5″) binder, or you can have them spiral bound.

Spiritual Journey – presented in a simplified format of “R Road to Biblical Wisdom”, for journaling daily Bible reading – 12 designs, 2 pages each.

P.R.A.Y. – prayer journal pages reminding you to offer Praise and thanksgiving, Repent, Ask for your needs and those of others, and Yield your life to follow and obey God – 12 designs, 2 pages each.

Day-by-Day Book of Remembrance Journal – daily journal of life and learning – 12 designs, 3 formats for a week-at-a-glance on a 1 or 2 page spread.

Paper planners and Journals still have their place in our digital society. In fact the Redeeming the Time Journal™ combines the best of digital and print formats. We provide you with a digital file of master forms, and you create your own cutomized printed personal journal and master planner with them. With the digital forms on your computer, you can pick and choose which ones and how many of each to print out for your own needs. And you have many beautiful backgrounds and fonts to choose from. Choose your favorite or mix and match.

Format: pdf

If you’ve purchased and use this resource, leave a review in the comments below.