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Finding Freedom & Simplicity™Our newest Lifestyle Education through Discipleship™ Guide has been released! This guide will be a great help and introduction to those new to home education or veteran home educators looking for a change from typical school-at-home to a more family lifestyle approach to biblical home education.

Finding Freedom & Simplicity™: Home Educating with Real Books, Natural Methods, & Biblical Principles is available to download now at the Introductory price of only $3. But the first 7 people to order it today can get it for FREE with this Coupon Code: FINDINGFREE. All I ask in exchange is that if you find the guide helpful, you post a review/comment on its order page and recommend it to your friends.  Enjoy! 

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Free L.E.D. Forum

The Roots are beginning to show Shoots!

The first phase of the Lifestyle Education through Discipleship™ eCourses is open. And this part is FREE.

I’m working behind the scenes at our Discipleship yoU! online courses site to launch the L.E.D. Courses, and the first section is done. I’ve opened a Free Forum for users of the Biblically principled method Lifestyle Education through Discipleship™ to ask questions, discuss how users are applying it, and share ideas.

Join the Free L.E.D. Forum here!

Need the basics of L.E.D. – for Freedom & Simplicity™ in Biblically principled home ed?
Freedom & Simplicity™ of Lifestyle Education through Discipleship™ ~ The Seminar ToGo (the foundations)

Freedom & Simplicity˙ on R Road to Biblical Wisdom (the how to guide)

Also, prayers are coveted as I work on A Quick Start Guide to Freedom & Simplicity™ through Lifestyle Education through Discipleship™.  My goal is to have it finished and available yet this month. This guide will help those new to home education, or just new to L.E.D., to jump in and start quickly, while still renewing their mind and learning themselves. (Based on my mentorship of those that call me and say, “Hi. I’m pulling my kids out of public school tomorrow. What do I do?”

If you’re already using L.E.D. Join us at the Free L.E.D. Forum here!

If you haven’t started yet, pick up the basic Foundational resources and begin today.


Looking for Freedom & Simplicity™ Home Ed?

If you are new to our blog and Lifestyle Education through Discipleship, this post is for you!

As a Christian homeschooling mom of a large family, I want a method of education that meets several criteria. Perhaps you’re looking for some of the same things.

1. It has to be simple enough in structure and application that it works in a busy mommy of many schedule.
2. It has to be flexible and work with the lessons and flow of real life.
3. It has to use natural learning methods that are easily incorporated into all learning, not artificial constructs.
4. It has to teach my children to be Biblical thinkers, not just “get-it-done” but really learn and most of all learn how to learn and think.
5. It has to present a comprehensive integrated view of life, not fragmented unrelated pieces.
6. It has to be family friendly – which is really mom friendly – not taking my children (and therefore my mind) all different directions, but helping us to learn together as a family.
7. Most of all, it has to glorify God and present all learning as from Him and for His purposes.


Lifestyle Education through Discipleship™ provides just what I need – and perhaps what you are looking for too. How do I know? Because I designed it to be that. I’ve spent the 23 years I’ve been home educating, developing and designing a philosophy and methodology to meet these needs, for my own children, and to help others and their children.

Lifestyle Education through Discipleship™ is Freedom & Simplicity™ in Home Education LED by the Spirit and grounded in the Word. It is Real Books and Family-friendly Natural methods  + Biblical Foundations and Reasoning for Excellence. We incorporate the best of the same methods that Charlotte Mason and the Principle Approach utilize, but more importantly it is a Biblical philosophy and methodology.

Sound like something you’d like for your home education?

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Off to a Good Start

At the beginning of a new “school year”, most home educators have grand ideas for a new start? What are yours? Do you immediately think things like this: “We need to get caught up on math.” “I’ve got to get this child to read.” “How am I ever going to teach physics?”


Although these may be good things, even important things to teach our children, they should not be our focus. As we look to new beginnings, we must keep our priorities in mind. “Add to your faith virtue, to virtue knowledge…” (2 Peter 1:5) The most important matters in discipling our children should be looked at first. “Has this child been converted?” “How is he growing in Christ?” “Where is he struggling?” “Has he been taught the foundations of the true and living Gospel?” “Has he grasped those teachings?”


In the Christian home, the Bible should never be another “tacked on” subject to “regular” school. Discipleship in the Word of God should be the foundation and framework of all we do. We should be first and foremost teaching God’s Word itself in our homes.


In addition, we should be teaching everything else in connection with the Bible. Although we will use other resources to teach the details of other subjects, the Bible should be our Source book for every subject, for in it we find the meaning, the source, origin and purpose of everything we learn, of everything that is. It is all God’s. There is no knowledge outside of what God has Created and given, and to glorify Him, we begin with Him.


As you start your “new year”, remember to put first things first.


See also article: Foundational Anchors



It’s Our Birthday

It’s our BIRTHDAY!

Well, really it’s MY Birthday. Our business doesn’t really have a birthday/anniversary, so
we’ll celebrate MY BIRTHDAY instead – with a get together and gifts!

The best birthday celebration is a get together, and in June we have our  biggest annual get together for Me and My House ministries – Freedom & Simplicity™ of Lifestyle Education through Discipleship™ ~ The Seminar LIVE!

We’d love to have you join us for this full day seminar on Biblical home education!

Freedom & Simplicity™ of Lifestyle Education through Discipleship™ ~
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June 13th from 9:30-5:30
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North Platte, NE

Registration $30, due June 5th.

The full day seminar will take you from establishing a Biblical foundation, philosophy and principles of education, to learning the Freedom & Simplicity™ methods of home education through L.E.D., to the practical application of scheduling and planning. Discipleship yoU! follow-up exercises will help you apply what you learn.

Join us for the LIVE Seminar – presented by Lisa Hodgen, mom of 10, home educator of over 22 years, and founder of Lifestyle Education through Discipleship™ – and get your Biblical Principles education off to a great start.

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No birthday celebration is complete without gifts of blessing either. For our birthday celebration , you get the blessing. For the month of  June we’re offering 3 of our core Lifestyle Education through Discipleship™ Exclusive Resources for 1 fantastic special price.

Freedom & Simplicity™ of Lifestyle Education through Discipleship™ ~ The Seminar (audios and handouts) AND
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These 3 resources will help you lay a good foundation and get started in Freedom & Simplicity™ in home education – for ONLY $45 for the month of June 2009!

Home Ed Kindergarten?

The question came up recently on an elist I’m on about Kindergarten. Below is my reply. (BTW, everything here doubly applies to “homeschool pre-school”.)

We don’t “do” Kindergarten,* but continue informal learning, with no “planning and scheduling” until they are about age 6-8. If they are interested in something, we work on learning it.

They are involved in our Family Worship, Bible Study and Recitation, and Character studies time.** If they want to draw a picture or other notebooking page, they can. They usually ask for their own “Notebook” binder when they are about 3. They are also a part of Family read-aloud times, as well as individual times of reading with them.

They learn letter sounds along the way as we are reading, and start writing when they want to learn. I teach them proper letter formation (and pencil hold,) but they do most of their early writing “in the air” (finger writing) or in a salt tray. When they know many letter sounds, and are ready, they start blending and spelling.

They also pick up quantity solving just around the house, as we go about our day. We talk about “calendar” and “time” things, as well as money and measuring things.

They narrate informally on their own.

And I think that’s about it. It covers all the “subjects” but isn’t following any curriculum or structured formal study. (Our state requires “filing” when they are 7, but we can cover all the subjects they want us to do, informally through real life, even if we don’t start structured studies then.) Lots of games and play, exploring and family time. Lots of helping and beginning household responsibilities.

See Sorting it Out Pulling it Together (soon to be Freedom & Simplicity™ for Beginners) or our other resources for young learners if you need more information to give you the confidence to do this. You really do NOT need, not do I recommend, curriculum for a 5 year old.

*Note: Kindergarten – For a highly enlightening research project, look up the source, origin, and intent/purpose for this modern, progressive idea.

** Note: You don’t need a packaged curriculum for these things.

For Biblical Reasoning

Give a man a fish, feed him for a day.
Teach a man to fish, feed him for  a lifetime.

Why does Lifestyle Education through Discipleship™ use the methods we do for home education? Most importantly because I believe the Word of God, and that we should do all things to the glory of God. But this old adage is in line with that.

I believe the most important thing we can teach our children is to fear the Lord, and to seek His Wisdom. This means we teach him how to learn, to discern truth, and to walk in it. We teach him to “fish” for himself.

What we teach our children is important; to teach them Truth is highly important. But knowledge is ever increasing, and there is no way were are ever going to teach them every “thing” they need to know. We don’t know what the future holds for them in this way. But Truth never changes. We must teach our children everlasting Truth, and how to learn knowledge and discern Truth.

So, more important is how we teach them, that we teach them to learn. L.E.D.™ is a Biblical Christian approach to home education that teaches for Biblical reasoning. One of our highest aims in education is excellence in learning. That is, that the child learns to reason Biblically for himself and apply what he learns. It is learning for not just knowledge, especially temporary knowledge to pass a test. It is learning for Wisdom, Understanding, and Knowledge. It is learning to reason through the topic to find God’s perspective, and understand the topic in context, and apply what he learns in his own life.

When a person knows how to learn, and has become a lifelong learner and lover of learning, he is able to learn anything he needs to know for himself when he needs to know it.


The Difference

The Difference – in a Nutshell.

I’m often asked what the differences are between L.E.D./ biblically principled approaches to education and other Christian curricula.

Four primary differences, in a very simple explanation, are that biblically principled education is:

Reflection. It is based on looking deeply into the topic and ruminating on it, giving the student time to think about it before moving on or requiring output from him. We think through the context and connections, finding relationships and applications in our own lives.  It is not based on putting facts in then turning around and spitting them back out.

Biblical reasoning. It is based on looking at every topic studied through the light of the Scripture, reasoning from God’s Word to see His perspective of what is studied. It is not just attaching a verse to a page.

Biblical principles. It is based on finding principles from God’s Word applied or violated, choice -> consequence, cause -> effect, internal -> external. We want to take our studies back to the source and origin, to find their purpose and their principles. We want our studies to change us, to cause us to grow more Christ-like, and to grow in having the mind of Christ in all areas of life, not just Bible study or character classes.

Discipleship. It is based on building relationships, leading along the way of life, through the things of life, sharing “these words” that are in our heart, our passions and desires, and seeking God’s ways together.

Does that help? 🙂


Garlic & Leeks

Ever get tempted to go back to “Egypt”? Perhaps you were getting free to follow God and shake off the shackles of the world’s ways and ideas of education, but … you get scared. You wonder, “Can I really do this? I don’t know HOW to do this. Is God really going to get me through this? At least I knew what I was doing in the “old way”.”

This is my general advise for getting started – or restarted – with olders and youngers – when you don’t know what to do – or are tempted to go back. (Quoted as sent to a mom asking somewhat the above questions.)

Don’t despair. God has given your children to you and He knows best for them and will work it through YOU! Some curriculum company does not know your child, your family or where God has you or is leading you. They don’t know best. God does – and He will guide YOU. When you know you are weak and inadequate, He can work HIS way through you – then you know you must lean on Him and can’t do it in your own strength. HE does it through you! I’ve also found that all those pre-packaged curricula at various grade levels and schedules to keep creates MORE burn out and stress on Mom, than just working with the children together on your own timetable. I continually hear moms saying, “we’re behind” and feeling like a failure (in some way or another) because they can’t keep the schedule, or stressing their kids out trying to keep the schedule. And I know way too many hs-ers who have quit because of this.)

What’s my solution?
Take your children – all of them. Get out the Bible – and read to them. For the little ones sake, perhaps a familiar story will hold their attention better. Talk about it. Ask questions about it. Questions that make them think about it. (Questions that make MOM think about it!) Not just who did what, but why God told us this, how does it change my life, etc. Even a familiar story has more to dig out than what lays on the surface. Then go run and jump – or sweep a floor or do some dishes, whatever. Then draw a picture of the story, or copy a verse, or make some type of project or notebook page to remember what they learned. OR just play-act the story in the run and jump time!

Next head back to the couch and grab a living book that you know they will all enjoy (not so “school-y” that the little ones won’ think it’s fun.) Cuddle up on the couch and read together again. Don’t read so much that the little ones lose it. You want your older ones begging you to go on. But if the littles are getting restless, quit. And talk about it. Same routine – dig into it. Any words they didn’t understand? Look them up. Anything they/you want to know more about – look it up. (Same goes for Bible on these.) Go back to the table to draw, copy, chart, write – whatever. While olders are working on this, you can work/play with youngers, if they don’t want to do the activity at the table. Or they can act it out again. Run, jump and play again.

Are there things you really need to work on individually? Many times even the things we typically think of that way can be done together. Spelling and reading? How about dumping a tub of letters in the middle of the floor or table, giving the first word to your older ones (to spell with the letters) and your younger can find the letter that makes the beginning sound of the word. He doesn’t know it yet? Find it for him and teach him. I made a game called “Mailman” (that I need to get redone electronically, so I can sell it again.) The children roll dice and draw a card – they are color coded for difficulty, from letters to HARD words – if they can read/spell (id the letter/sound) they can move forward. The whole family can play!

Math you can do somewhat the same in learning math basics/facts. Roll dice, littles tell you how many, olders add or multiply, etc. You can even use different colored dice for place value. “Story/Word” problems can be given throughout the day – with real life things.

You just have to think outside the box, and realize if they are learning something new – or increasing understanding of something old – or personally applying something they’ve known “forever” – they are growing in wisdom, understanding, and knowledge. And that is good and fine. It doesn’t have to be according to someone else’s scope, sequence, or time table. Things you really want them to do/learn? (think they “need” to) Include them. They will be YOUR book choices, activity choices.

If there really is more – work with big ones while little ones nap. Work with little ones while big ones work or read independently. Have one big one work with little ones while you work with other big one, and vice versa.

God always creates a way.


Ponder the Path

Ponder the path of thy feet, and let all thy ways be established. ~ Proverbs 4:26

Pondering, ruminating, renewing. This is where you begin. These are at the foundation of what L.E.D. is and key to understanding it. The first step on this path is renewing your own mind. This Path. Home education is truly a Journey. We never arrive at Wisdom, but we grow in Wisdom along the way. This applies to us, as well as our children. Our feet are all on the path of learning, growing in wisdom. We seek for our ways to be established in His Word, the solid Rock, our foundation. L.E.D. is education grounded in God’s Word. Ready to begin pondering this Path?

If you are ready to begin this L.E.D. Journey, this article will guide you through the steps and resources to get started.

Read In the Beginning … for ideas of what you can do with your children while you are doing this renewing of your mind as you start this L.E.D. Journey.

To begin studying Lifestyle Education through Discipleship™ you will follow the same pattern you’ll follow for each of the “subject” studies you teach your children.

Begin by laying the Foundation, getting a Big Picture overview of what L.E.D. is. Take a look at the “puzzle box top”–you know, where you look at the whole completed picture before you begin piecing it together.  Freedom & Simplicity™ of Lifestyle Education through Discipleship™ – The Seminar is your best resource for seeing this Big Picture of L.E.D. It will give you an overview from principles to practical application of teaching and learning for Biblical Wisdom by reasoning through every topic to biblical principles.

Once you see the Big Picture, begin building the Framework. You will start building the frame of this puzzle, one piece at a time, connecting the pieces together. Learning the study method is your next step.  Freedom & Simplicity™ on R Road to Biblical Wisdom  will teach you the methods we use to teach and learn to think and apply this biblical method of education.

Next, begin filling in the inside of  the puzzle, adding the Furnishings. This is done by beginning to look at the areas of study themselves, applying the philosophy and methodology of L.E.D. that you have learned through The Seminar and R Road. Bible, as mentioned yesterday, is of course our first area to dig into. Freedom & Simplicity™ in Bible (when it is finished) will walk you through how to teach and learn the Bible. Next we recommend Freedom & Simplicity™ in HisStory.  These 2 will cover much of your studies. Add other Freedom & Simplicity™ learning guides to cover the remaining Pillars of Wisdom as you are able, clear down to such primary skills as Handwriting. Yes, we have a Learning Guide for teaching Freedom & Simplicity™ in Handwriting, from a biblically principled perspective. These guides will show you how the methods learned in R Road are applied in teaching and learning specific subjects.

Not all our learning guides are complete yet. But you don’t need to wait for an L.E.D. Learning Guide for each area you want to teach, to hold your hand and walk you through the study. They will do that, but you can step out on your own. Once you’ve got the idea down from R Road (and Freedom & Simplicity™ in HisStory, if you want to see an application) you have the tools you need to branch out and do your own studies.

Enjoy the Journey!