Free L.E.D. Forum

The Roots are beginning to show Shoots!

The first phase of the Lifestyle Education through Discipleship™ eCourses is open. And this part is FREE.

I’m working behind the scenes at our Discipleship yoU! online courses site to launch the L.E.D. Courses, and the first section is done. I’ve opened a Free Forum for users of the Biblically principled method Lifestyle Education through Discipleship™ to ask questions, discuss how users are applying it, and share ideas.

Join the Free L.E.D. Forum here!

Need the basics of L.E.D. – for Freedom & Simplicity™ in Biblically principled home ed?
Freedom & Simplicity™ of Lifestyle Education through Discipleship™ ~ The Seminar ToGo (the foundations)

Freedom & Simplicity˙ on R Road to Biblical Wisdom (the how to guide)

Also, prayers are coveted as I work on A Quick Start Guide to Freedom & Simplicity™ through Lifestyle Education through Discipleship™.  My goal is to have it finished and available yet this month. This guide will help those new to home education, or just new to L.E.D., to jump in and start quickly, while still renewing their mind and learning themselves. (Based on my mentorship of those that call me and say, “Hi. I’m pulling my kids out of public school tomorrow. What do I do?”

If you’re already using L.E.D. Join us at the Free L.E.D. Forum here!

If you haven’t started yet, pick up the basic Foundational resources and begin today.


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