Freedom & Simplicity™ in Handwriting

FShandwriting-coverA Biblical Approach to Handwriting Instruction

A Biblical Principles way to teach Handwriting? Really? Really! God and His Word are the Source of All we learn – even Handwriting.

Learning and Teaching Handwriting Biblically doesn’t mean you just use Scriptures for your Copywork. This L.E.D. Freedom & Simplicity™ Guide will help you find the Biblical foundation, principles and rudiments of Handwriting and even lead you through the application with instruction in both Manuscript and Cursive. Find Freedom & Simplicity™ in why we teach it, what we teach, and how we teach it!

Principled Handwriting instruction – From the introduction:“Who would have ever thought that there is a principled way to teach Handwriting? Not I. Oh, I know that everything comes from God, and should be taught based upon this, but I never thought I would delve into what principled teaching of Handwriting looks like. Perhaps you haven’t either. Then this study is for you. This guide does not cover the broader details relating to writing and English in general, only as applied to Handwriting.” – Teaches the foundations of Handwriting, and instruction in Manuscript and Cursive.

The only book you need to teach ALL ages – includes the foundations of Handwriting, and instruction in Manuscript and Cursive. Click for Free Sampler. 

BONUS! Handwriting Journal Pages included with purchase. Over 50 Journaling forms to go along with Freedom & Simplicity™ in Handwriting. 

$17.50 Special $15
Format: pdf ebook

Check out our Handwriting Practice Pages to complete this set.

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  1. Our Customers’ Comments & Reviews

    I wanted to let you know that I downloaded your Principled Handwriting e-book and started reading it last night. It is wonderful and looks simple to use. I am excited to give my boys a biblical foundation for this as we begin this year w/our review of handwriting. I also love the journaling pages you have included! I would highly recommend this product! L.P.


    Lisa, I am just slowly seeing what your site is like. I, just yesterday, read the foundations in your F&S in Handwriting – I was very impressed. J.K.


    Re: Handwriting Guide – That was awesome! Thanks! R.W.

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