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fstimelinescover13 Types of Timelines & How to Make Them

HisStory is about Time. It’s about God working throughout time, to reveal His plan. Time shapes each event on earth into what it is. Being able to place events, ideas and lives into their correct time brings much understanding to His (God’s) Story. A timeline is a tool that helps us place those happenings.

In addition to great reasons for utilizing a timeline in your studies, there are many types of timelines, and ways you can design a timeline. In this Guidebook, I share both with you. But most of all I share with you how we have come to Freedom & Simplicity™ with Timelines. What tools are going to be the most effective and easiest to use for the task at hand, understanding the flow of all of HisStory? And how to we make them and use them?

In It’s About Time, we look at 13 different types of timelines, and directions for making and using them, and provide you with several options for timeline figures—many of them free!

This Freedom & Simplicity™ guide covers:

  • The Purpose and Framework of Timelines
  • The Pictorial Framework Timeline
  • Timeline Figures
  • The Timeline in a Book
  • Journal (Notebook) Timeline Pages
  • Timeline on a Board
  • Timeline in a Box
  • Other Timeline Formats
  • Beyond the Timeline – the P.I.P.E. Book of Remembrance Journal

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Format: pdf ebook

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