Handwriting Practice Pages

FShandwritingpractice-coverCopywork pertaining to our current studies is our general method of practicing handwriting, but sometimes extra, focused practice is needed for some children. These Practice Pages fill that need. Plenty of practice, (along with reminders to observe the Rudiments,) in 2 sizes of manuscript and 1 of cursive, for the alphabet and sentences using every letter of the alphabet. Suggestions for use for a full year for all your students using Freedom & Simplicity™ in Handwriting, or any other italic handwriting program.

This is not meant to be a handwriting “curriculum” but rather fun, extra, basic practice, for those that have already learned letter formation and just need a little extra work on the Rudiments. Use it alongside Freedom & Simplicity™ in Handwriting (or other italic program) and Copywork, as needed. The introduction gives you suggestions for use. Click for sample Practice Page.

Format: pdf ebook

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