Growing in Christ’s Image

gcicoverA Character Book of Remembrance

Add to your faith virtue, … 2 Peter 1:5

Character is the second most important thing we disciple our children in. It is something we both teach and train in – day in and day out. It isn’t the easiest thing we can teach our children. Math, Reading, HisStory are all so much easier. But after the knowledge of God and Salvation by Jesus the Christ alone, Character is the most important thing we can train our children in. We must have the Character ourselves to be consistent and diligent in teaching them. We must realize that the trials we face, even in this, are for our own maturing and growth in the image of Christ.

This resource contains over 25 journaling forms masters for documenting the information, illustrations, and applications we learn in our studies of Character Qualities. Each form has 2 different formats, for beginning writers (who need ruled mid-lines) and more experienced writers (who don’t).

These Journaling forms can be used for personalized study, (searching the dictionary, the Scriptures, and other resources for your own study,) or with character teaching resources you have. Character for Life and other biographies of heroes of faith can be helpful. 

Click for Sample form.

Permission given to make copies as needed for your own immediate family, for as many character studies as you desire.

Format: pdf ebook

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