Freedom & Simplicity™ Poetry Study

fspoetry-coverA Biblical Principles Guide to Painless Poetry Study

Perhaps you feel poetry is just an “extra” that you don’t have time for. Poetry may require a little bit of effort to “squeeze it in”, but it can be one of the most enjoyable aspects of your language studies, as well as enrich your history studies. Poetry is an art of excellence. It is a use of language for both beauty and growth in our lives.

This guide will help find that beauty and growth as you incorporate Poetry Study into your home education with Freedom & Simplicity™, through quick and painless daily activities. As you become comfortable with Poetry, you can go Beyond the Basics adding further activities and building a Biblical foundation for your Poetry Studies when you have time.

Another in our series of “Dirt Cheap” Freedom & Simplicity™ guides
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  1. Our Customers’ Comments & Reviews – Add your own if you’ve purchased this book.

    “…Lisa shows how to implement BPA to the study of Poetry in a natural and “simple” way. It’s not forced with memorizing the mechanics or mundane with the use of worksheets. She lays out how to do a weekly study in 5 steps with book suggestions and how to integrate poetry with the study of history. Then gives more ideas, important vocabulary, additional resource suggestions, and follows up with Biblical foundations giving more depth and making the study of poetry more meaningful.

    “This is not a large, over burdensome guide. It’s simple and to the point, which I like. When teaching 3 children and running after an additional 2, fluff is not something I need. …”

    Brooke @
    The Homeschool Bus

    “Thats so good mama! It’s condensed but has everything you need to get started. It lays everything out simple and had lots of stuff I didn’t know.” – unsolicited comments from A.H. 😉

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