Books of Remembrance

Journaling to Document Our Studies

In Exodus 17:14 God tells Moses to write a book of remembrance and to tell it to another; “Write this for a memorial in a book, and rehearse it in the ears of Joshua.” There are many other Scriptures about journaling too, both commands and examples, the greatest being God’s Book of Life. We don’t need a command to journal in order to apply it. We can take these principles and apply them to all our educational studies in our homes and see for ourselves the benefits it brings.

Journaling is the method we use to remember what we study. It is so much more than just our documentation to show that we studied the topic. It is our own personal journey of the study, our reference work for future study and expansion. Journaling is, in a sense, the antithesis of workbooks. It is the production of something individual and worthwhile, not the consumption of something pre-fabricated.

We keep several types of Book of Remembrance Journals of our studies. We produce CopyBooks of Remembrance, primarily in sewn Composition Notebooks. We produce Book of Remembrance Journals, in 3-ring binders with sheet protectors, writing our own personal living “textbook” of the topic we’ve learned, that we can teach others from. We produce MyMini Books of Remembrance, mini-booklets secured on file folders, as personal creative expressions of what we’ve learned. And we produce PIPEline Books of Remembrance, both in wall and book formats, as a chronology of HisStory. We also keep other types of Books of Remembrance–Worship journals, L.I.F.E. and Vision journals.

Life and learning is a journey, and that journey is worth journaling. We are not “just passing through” this life. We have a purpose, a commission, and journaling is a way to keep us focused on what that is, and to share the message we have with others.

Some of the various types of Journals we do:

CopyBooks of Remembrance

  • Copywork – what is it and why do it

MyMini Books of Remembrance

Book of Remembrance Journals

PIPEline Books (& Walls) of Remembrance

Worship Journals

L.I.F.E. Journals

  • L.I.F.E. – Living in Freedom Eternally™
  • Vision Journal
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