What’s in a Notebook?

We Journal our studies in Books of Remembrance. I’ve already shared about using Lapbooking to Journal. In this post I’m sharing about our regular Journals. Some people call this Notebooking. Journaling is collecting in a binder all the things you learn from your study. It can be simple or elaborate, down to earth scholarly or glitzy and artistic.

Journaling is not storing your worksheets in a binder, nor is it printed off encyclopedia or other articles, nor is it just reports. It is your own personally written text living book of the topic you studied. It should express your own ideas about the topic.

You can use color and design to ‘brighten’ up your Notebooks, not just the covers, but also the pages. Depending on your personality that may be just using colored paper and/or adding a picture, or maybe it will be using unique layout on the pages and a variety of ‘scrapbooking’ fancies. Another possibility is to use templates, a preprinted page with a heading and perhaps picture, and space to add your own info.

What do we put in our Notebooks? Here’s a few ideas.

Copywork or dictation of quotes, Scripture, a poem, a song, a play, a recipe,
Notes, narrations, summaries, reviews, outlines, graphic organizers/mind maps
T-charts, other charts and graphs, illustrations/drawings, colorings
Map work, geographic reports
Timelines, pictures, a photojournal
Word studies, definitions, glossary
Biographical or Character sketch
Essays, reports, speeches, correspondence
Brochures, postcards, flyers

It doesn’t even have to be just ‘paper’ items. You can also add 3-dimentional projects that are small enough to fit in. Or you may want to include a CD of music, a performance, a multi-media presentation or a website/pages you’ve designed on your topic, or maybe even a DVD of a movie/play you produced/performed. The sky binder thickness is the limit!

We save each item in our Books of Remembrance in page protectors. If it is worth Journaling, it is worth protecting. And don’t forget to make a nicely designed cover for your Book of Remembrance too.

Have a blast writing your own living books of the topics you study through making Books of Remembrance.

And learn more about Journaling and the other methods used in Lifestyle Education through Discipleship™ in our L.E.D. ‘How to’ book, Freedom & Simplicity on R Road to Biblical Wisdom.


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