Books of Remembrance II

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Continuing discussion on MyMini Books of Remembrance. Read Part 1 here.

Several questions are usually asked about MyMini Books of Remembrance, otherwise known as “lapbooks”, “shutterbooks”, or my shortened term for ours MyMini BOR. Who does them? When do they do them? What do they cover? Here’s some answers.

“Do we make one MyMini BOR as a family or does each child make their own?” Yes. Do both. At times your children will want to each make their own MyMini BOR on a study they do. At other times one book can be made together. You can assign, or each child can choose, one or more aspects that they will do a mini-book on and then you can arrange them all together into one MyMini BOR.

“Do we make one BOR per day or per week or per month?” Yes. Well, it might be a little rare to make one per day, but you could make one mini-book per day or 2 to add to your BOR. For the actual BOR, weekly or monthly, depending on the topic, are both normal. A couple examples from our home:
1) 3 of our children took a 3 day art class with Barry Stebbing. After the class they made a MyMini BOR together.
2) Our children have also done MyMini BORs on their own over a 6 week topic.

Mini-books can be made daily or weekly, then all compiled into the BOR at the end of the unit. Or you can wait until the end of the study, and take a day or a few to make the mini-books and the MyMini BOR.

“Do we include all subjects in one BOR or make a different BOR for each subject?” Yes. Some of our MyMini BORs are on specific subjects, some are on everything we’ve learned during a certain time period, most are on whatever we covered during a topical study that integrated several subjects.

Continued in Part 3 and Part 4.


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