Books of Remembrance IV

Hmmm, I said I would write a Part 4 to conclude this series on “MyMini Books of Remembrance”, but I didn’t write down what I planned to conclude with right away, and I now have no idea what it was. Let me think a minute, and review. In Part 1 we covered what a “MyMini Book of Remembrance” is and why to make them. In Part 2 we covered general questions about making MyMini BOR’s. In Part 3 we covered the supplies needed. So that must leave the nitty gritty details for this Part 4 – How to actually MAKE the MyMini Book of Remembrance.

But before I get into that, I did remember one supply I left out of Part 3, pictures. You may want to find or draw images to enliven your MyMini Book of Remembrance. You can draw your own pictures, cut or copy them out of books or magazines, or find online clip art to print out. Add them to the your mini-books and the BOR folder itself. These will all help enhance your BOR.

Now on to making mini-books and your MyMini Book of Remembrance:

A mini-book will be made anytime you have a piece of info to add to your MyMini Book of Remembrance. If you are teaching one point per day, and/or one theme per week, it won’t be hard to determine the basic “what” you will put in your mini-book. How you want to state it and what form of mini-book you will put it in is where your/your child’s creativity comes in.

You may state your main point of the lesson as a “title” for your mini-book, then include some of the details you learned about it. You may be state things you learned as questions and answers. In teaching by Biblical principles, many times our main point is followed up by examples/applications. We also many times are looking at the internal cause or meaning and the external action or effect. The choice is totally yours as to how to present what you have learned. Again, as I stated in Part 3, do not get hung up on some supposed right way of doing this and mimicing someone else’s BOR. This is for what YOU learned.

Some mini-books have general limitations which will help you choose which mini-book to make. A single Match Book presents 2 pieces of information. A Tri-fold Book presents 3. And an Envelope Book presents 4. Flap Books and Layered Books can be varied greatly in number of ideas you can present in one. I made a proto-type folder of all the types of mini-books. My children are able to look at it to determine which type of mini-book best suits the material they want to add to their BOR.

Generally, throughout the lesson/week the children are encouraged to take notes – preferably in graphic outline (mindmapping) form. for example, our weekly (or longer) theme may be the Parables of Jesus. Each day we study a different parable, looking at the meaning. The children are noting what the parable was about, its Bible reference (Book, chapter and verses) and its meaning. At the end of the week/theme, they make their mini-book. A Layered Book or a Flap Book would both be good for presenting this theme with so many different details. On the outside they may write “Parables of Jesus” – perhaps here or on the first page giving the definition of a parable. Then on each flap or bottom of the layer giving the reference and/or the “name” of the parable. Inside they can tell (briefly) what it was and what it meant.

Or how about a biography you are reading. As you read, take notes on the person’s history, influences, character, and contributions. If it is a part of another study, you may just want one mini-book on this person. Perhaps make a Quad Shutter Book (that closes) for this. Put the person’s name, birth and death dates and their picture on the outside. On the 4 shutters inside list the 4 aspects of their life (above) or a quality from them in the person’s life, then under each shutter write examples and details.

Perhaps you are doing a whole BOR on this one person. You can use one section of the BOR for each of the 4 aspects of their life, with 1-3 mini-books each. For example, in the History section you may want to do a Timeline Book of their life, perhaps another mini-book on their childhood and one on their adult life, or one on where they lived, or what their world was like then. On the Influences section you would put mini-books on their education and other key influences in their lives. I think of Helen Keller; you’d want a whole mini-book on Anne Sullivan. In the Character section perhaps you can identify 2-3 character traits that were prominent in this person’s life and do a mini-book for each, giving examples from their life that show that character trait. In the Contributions section, you will put mini-books that demonstrate their achievements in life. For example, for George Washington perhaps you’d want a mini-book on his military contributions and one on his Presidential contributions.

These are all just very small tips of endless icebergs for creating mini-books themselves. Now, what do we do with them? We keep our mini-books in zip lock baggies until we are finished with our topic and ready to make our “MyMini”. As you make your mini-books, be thinking ahead as to how you want to lay them out. As suggested above you may want them organized into sections or a certain order. OTOH, perhaps they can be placed anywhere in the folder. Let your eye be your guide.

When you are ready to put your MyMini BOR together, fold your file folder into a shutter fold and start laying out your mini-books. Experiment until you like the lay-out, then glue them in. Make some sort of “cover” design for the outside of your BOR. You may not want it to be a folded mini-book, but perhaps a picture and title. You can glue on these aspects or just draw/write them on.

Too many mini-books to fit in your folder? Make extensions. You may need just one extra panel, or maybe you need a whole extra folder or more. No problem, MyMini Books of Remembrance are expandable.

In this series of articles I have only given you a taste of what can be done with MyMini Books of Remembrance. I plan to devote a whole session or two to this in our Freedom & Simplicity™ of Lifestyle Education through Discipleship™ seminar, late this spring in North Platte, NE. I hope you can join us.

But above all remember, we are children of the Creator Himself, made in His image. He has placed within each one of us creativity. How can you use yours to document your learning in Books of Remembrance?


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2 Responses to Books of Remembrance IV

  1. susan forte says:

    Dear Lisa,

    Do you have a picture(s) of your Thanksgiving MiniBor
    posted anywhere? If not, would it be possible to post
    one? We would love to how it looks completed.
    Thanks so much.

    Love in Christ,
    Susan Forte

  2. Hi Susan, Thanks for stopping by. No. I don’t have any pics of that one. I’ll see what I can do.