Books of Remembrance III

Greetings form Me and My House,

This is part 3 of this series. Part 1 here. Part 2 here. In this part we will cover what all is needed to make a MyMini Book of Remembrance.

Some people get really hung up on this. It really is not hard at all. And you certainly don’t need a kit or someone else’s plans to direct you through this. Like its big sister Book of Remembrance Journaling (Notebooking) it is the record of what you have learned/internalized from your studies. No one else can lay that out for you. PLEASE do not use this to try to copy someone else’s learning.

All you need is the basics – the supplies, and instructions for making the mini-booklets – and of course something you have learned and want to document.

Your supplies begin with paper to make the mini-booklets out of.
You could use plain ol’ white copy paper, but that would be very boring. Go to the office supply store (or Walmart, if yours has it) and get an array of various colored papers, brights, neons, primaries, pastels, whatever you desire – just standard 20-24 weight.

You will also need scissors and glue – glue sticks work great. If you like nice straight cuts you may want a paper trimmer, a small one such as used for scrapbooking works great.

You will also need some kind of writing utensil. Again, something not quite so boring as a plain pencil or blue ink pen. Various colored fine tip markers are great – preferably ones that don’t bleed through the page.

The last supply you need is file folders. Again, please bypass the boring tan manila ones and get the pretty colors. 3 cut or 5 doesn’t matter.

I’ve already told you in part 1 where to get your instructions for the mini-books, Dinah Zike’s The Big Book of Books and Activities – unless you have a friend that will show you. (Yes just that one book is all you need.)

In part 4 I will conclude this series.


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