In “natural education methods” circles, you hear a lot about Copywork. But there still appears to be many skeptics. What good could just copying something be?

Let me tell you, TREMENDOUS GOOD!!!! So much is learned from the VERY SIMPLE act of copying EXCELLENT writing. This is the method used for millenia past – with excellent results. Benjamin Franklin, the great Founding Father and Statesman of our country got his education primarily by doing copywork.

What exactly is Copywork? Finding an excellent passage of writing and copying it – EXACTLY. Spelling, punctuation, grammar – mechanics of good writing are learned as well as STYLE! There is so much more you can do – advancing in Copywork, but this one SIMPLE tool can make a world of difference in our children’s (and our) education.

How do you start? Find some good literature – the Bible is the BEST, great classics, timeless truths – stuff that is WELL WRITTEN. Pick a passage of content you want to emphasize – appropriate length for the student. Children 9-12** year olds could do a sentence – a paragraph. Youth could do at least a paragraph – a page. Have them READ the passage – INTENTLY. Have them COPY the passage – CAREFULLY, in their best handwriting. Have them COMPARE theirs to the original, correcting any mistakes.

If you aren’t using Copywork, or aren’t utilizing it regularly. I urge you to begin today and make it a routine part of your education. You’ll be glad you did.

**Younger Children begin Copywork with Letters/ Phonograms, then progress to Words, and work up to short sentences only, at a time.


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