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You don’t have to own an eReader to enjoy ebooks. Most are downloadable to your computer and can be read on it, and many can be printed out if you prefer a paper copy. All of our Me & My House exclusive resources are such. There are also apps from most of the eReader companies for reading their books on computers or mobile devices, like your tablet or smartphone. So don’t let the lack of an eReader stop you from enjoying great ebooks, especially when many great classics are available for free!

Below I’ve listed many free ebook sites I have used. Probably the first half-dozen are the ones I find most helpful and use most. Following that are some specialty sites and other misc. sites where I’ve found what I was looking for. In addition, you can find some of my favorite Helpful Resources links in the sidebar of this site.

Christian Book Distributors – is our favorite discount bookstore for Christian and home ed books. They now also carry ebooks. They have a few good FREE ones, as well as many others. This is the place to find current Christian books in ebook format. Using our links to helps support Me & My House ministries.

Christian Classics Ethereal Library – the place to find free Christian classics, (also Bibles and commentaries,) online.

Internet Archive – Free online texts for download. A good place to find out of print, old texts and classics. This is probably my most used free ebook site.

Project Gutenburg – 42,000 free ebooks – another great, often used site.

Grace – Books, quotes, sermons, devotionals, etc.

Timeless Truths – free online library, Christian.

ICE (Institute for Christian Economics) – free Christian educational/ Biblical worldview resources. “The 90-plus free books and 800-plus free newsletters on this site introduce Christians to the fundamental principles for building a Bible-based Christian worldview.” Not old books, many of them also still in print and available for purchase, much on economics.

Googlebooks – free ebooks on just about everything.

The Online Books Page – over 1 million free ebooks listed – hosted by the University of Pennsylvania Library.

The Baldwin Online Children’s Literature Project – children’s literature in the public domain, to read online or purchase in ebook or print format.

Making of America books: Michegan U – approx. 10,000 19th century books.

Archiving Early America – Primary source documents from the 18th century.

Worldwide School Library – educational books online.

Internet Christian Library – Bibles, Bible study aids, and books.

American Journeys – eyewitness accounts of Early American exploration and settlement.

Cornell U: Making of America periodicals – Old periodicals, good primary source documents.

Free Popular Classics for Kindle – these are for use on the Kindle. Other devices, that don’t use a propriety format like Kindle does, don’t need a special site like this. ebooks from any of the above sites will work on them.

Additions May 9, 2013 – I haven’t had time to check the links below out very well yet, but looks like some good stuff.

Grace-ebooks – works from many Christian writers from the Reformation, the Puritans, and others – from Luther to Bunyan to Carey to Spurgeon to Pink, and many more.

Online Library of Liberty – many primary source documents of liberty, including key documents, writings of the founding fathers, and much more.

Books Should be Free – 3000 Free Public Domain Audiobooks & eBooks

If you don’t own an eReader or you’d like to also read ebooks, that are formatted for a specific reader, on your other devises, download the appropriate apps linked below.

Free Kindle app for your computer, iPhone/iTouch, iPad, Android, Windows phone, and Blackberry.

Free Nook app for your computer, iPhone/iTouch, iPad, and Android.

Free Sony Reader app for your computer, iPhone/iTouch, iPad, and Android.

More on eReaders here.

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