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OK, I really hope you didn’t take a vacation from books, but in this sense I mean the bookwork type (“table time”) lessons that you do with your children. Although we “school” (or more precisely “learn”) year round, many follow the public school calendar in their homes, or at least take the summer months off and restart in the fall. (Although I notice that the ps keeps starting earlier and earlier every year. The summer “off” used to mean Memorial Day through Labor Day. And I truly believe those kids need let out of their “prison” walls for those 3 months. — Their words.) But enough rabbit trails–maybe. Point is many of you are heading back to the books (not back to school.) And —

It’s time for our Back 2 the Books Freedom & Simplicity™ Sale!

This is our BIGGEST BLOWOUT Sale of the Year! And–
We have several options in this Super Sale ~ Just for YOU!
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Are you new to teaching every subject by Biblical principles and in family-friendly Freedom & Simplicity™, otherwise called Lifestyle Education through Discipleship™? Check out our Getting Started Bonus Combo below.

Do you already have the Foundational Freedom & Simplicity™ resources, and need some help going Beyond the Basics? Check out Beyond the Basics Bundle below.

Are you brand New to Home Education, or L.E.D. and need to get started NOW? Check out our newest resource, Quick Start to Freedom & Simplicity™ with Lifestyle Education through Discipleship™ . This is so new it’s not even off the press yet. (But we’ll send you a preliminary copy now, and a final copy when the editing is fully completed.)

Many of you have already chosen what you plan to do this year, but some of you still aren’t quite sure. You know you need to change things up a bit. You need to foster a love for learning. You need to provide a truly Biblical, Christian education–not just tack Bible verses onto some subjects, or count disciples instead of apples.

You’re looking for Freedom & Simplicity™.

You’re looking for real family life, not school at home.

You’re looking for education that looks at all areas of life and learning through the lens of Scripture.

The Getting Started Combo is for YOU!

This Combo includes our key resources for understanding and starting Lifestyle Education through Discipleship™.

The first step to Biblical home education is for the parents to renew their minds to think Biblically about education and how that can look in the home. Freedom & Simplicity™ of Lifestyle Education through Discipleship™ ~ The Seminar will walk you through this, giving you the Big Picture from the Philosophy (the Why?), to Principles (the What?), to Practical Application (the How?).

The next step is to get a good understanding of the learning methods, the nitty-gritty on how to study this way. Freedom & Simplicity™ on R Road to Biblical Wisdom lays this out for you. It shows you how to study any topic in any subject by Biblical principles. These are simple, natural, family-friendly methods that use Biblical foundations and reasoning for excellence in learning.

To take it one step further, we include in the combo Freedom & Simplicity™ in HisStory, which will walk you through applying L.E.D. to a primary subject of study.

As a BONUS to our Getting Started Combo, I’m including the Foundational Journaling Forms you’ll want to get started. Redeeming the Time Journal ~ Favorite Forms includes: Spiritual Journey, for journaling your daily Bible reading, P.R.A.Y., a daily prayer journal, and Day-by-Day Book of Remembrance Journal, for journaling daily life and learning. 12 different designs to choose from, and other variations make this a very versatile set of forms you’ll use everyday.

This great Combo is an $80 value.
Order during our Back 2 the Books Freedom & Simplicity™ Sale 

(Sale has ended.)

Quick Start for Freedom & Simplicity™

Quick Start to Freedom & Simplicity™ through Lifestyle Education through Discipleship™ is our newest and most helpful guide to those that want to start home educating through a Biblical perspective–yesterday! This guide contains a very succinct introduction to each of the subjects and our resource recommendations for your first year. Of course, you still need to go through the Seminar and internalize R Road (for renewing your mind and learning how to teach and learn) but this guide will help you get your books ordered and gathered so you can get started pronto.


Beyond the Basics

If you already have the Foundational resources in the Getting Started Bonus Combo, it’s time for you to branch out. What topic of study do you need a little more help in applying a Biblical Freedom & Simplicity™ study approach to?

Handwriting? See Freedom & Simplicity™ in Handwriting & Handwriting Practice Pages.

ThanksGiving – both the Holiday and the attitude of Gratitude? See Freedom & Simplicity™ ThanksGiving Study

Character need some help? Growing in Christ’s Image Journaling masters will help you remember  what you learn, so you can apply it. We even provide resources (some free!) that we enjoy using to help us study various godly character traits.

Vocabulary? See Freedom & Simplicity™ Study of  Vocabulary & English Roots

Poetry? See Freedom & Simplicity™ Poetry Study

Time to get a Timeline up? What kind? Freedom & Simplicity Timelines will help you choose between and learn to make 13 different types you can do yourself easily. Or go with our favorites, created specifically for Lifestyle Education through Discipleship™PIPEline of HisStory  foundational framework for walls, dividers, and a children’s book. PIPEline Book of Remembrance for a timeline in a book.

Geography? Study not only the country, but their spiritual condition and needs and Journal your findings in Praying Around the World, (includes study resources, including free ones.) Volumes 45, & 6-7 currently available. (Choose which Volumes if you order the “Green” Choose Your Own.)

Journaling help for the beginner or reluctant? Book of Remembrance Journaling Pages are specifically designed as all purpose journaling masters for the Biblically principled Lifestyle Education through Discipleship™.

Got a High School student? Freedom & Simplicity™ for High School: Planning, Documenting, Credits & Transcripts will help smooth that road.

Got a young beginner? See Sorting it Out and Pulling it Together

$130 value – Get the entire Freedom & Simplicity™ Beyond The Basics Bundle for Half Price.

Want to pick and choose? Mix and Match as many as you’d like.

Choose any 2 Red resources above for $15.

Choose any 2 Blue resources above for $10.

Choose any 3 Green resources above for $7.

(Sale has ended.)

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