Prayer Project – Focused List

One of our Family Prayer Projects is our Focused Prayer List of those we pray for regularly. We have a schedule to help us remember to pray for various people and areas of need. We’ve used both a simple page in my Redeeming the Time Journal and a more elaborate Lapbook format for this project.

Sundays we pray for our own pastor and church leaders.

Mondays we pray for other Ministries and Missionaries.

Tuesdays we pray for Government Leaders.

Wednesdays we pray for social and civil issues.

Thursdays we pray for friends and neighbors.

Fridays we pray for extended family.

Saturdays we pray for the salvation of the unsaved.

We pray for immediate family daily.

We have a list of the specific people and issues for each day. Generally, each of us chooses 1 or 2 or more of the people on the list and prays for them during our family prayer time. Sometimes more than one person will pray for the same one. Sometimes mom needs to “take up the slack” to make sure all of them are prayed for.

The goal is to pray specifically for these things, for their current situations and needs. This means we need to be attentive throughout the week to the needs of each of our prayer focuses.

This is just one of the ways we teach our children to pray. Read more of our ways here.

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