Integrated Topical Studies

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Many times I’m asked what our studies look like. Want to take a peek?

20th Century study – PIPEline link: Me and My House – Focus: The Gates of Hell Will Not Prevail

Term 1 – Turn of the Century

Weekly Themes:

1. Christianity Attacked from Without

  • Topics: Boxer Rebellion, China, Jonathan Goforth

2. Progress!

  • Topics: Wright Brothers, Titanic, Panama Canal
  • Optional activity: 1915 World’s Fair

3. Christianity Attacked from Within

  • Topics: Liberalism, Social Gospel

4. Progressivism in Government

  • Topics: Progressive Presidents, TR, Progressive Amendments

5. Progressivism in Education and the Arts

  • Topics: John Dewey, Modern-Abstract Art/Picasso

6. Progress?

  • Topic: World War I

Science topics throughout term: Aerodynamics, Canal locks, Yellow Fever/Malaria

Artists throughout: Illustrators – N.C. Wyeth, Beatrix Potter

Literature throughout (choice): Beatrix Potter, Freckles, Anne of Green Gables, Hans Brinker, Frances Hodgeson Burnett

Booklists for another day – or another section. Watch our HisStory Resources & Recommendations for book links for the “Me & My House” PIPEline link.

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