HisStory Marches On!

What else for a March Special than our HisStory resources! It builds perfectly on Freedom & Simplicity™ of Lifestyle Education through Discipleship™ ~ The Seminar. (You did remember to get that in February, didn’t you?)

Freedom & Simplicity™ in HisStory and PIPEline of HisStory™ remain our customer’s favorite L.E.D. Exclusives, because they do help you put into action the philosophy and principles taught in The Seminar. (See what they’re saying at the book’s links.) Freedom & Simplicity™ in HisStory is a great introduction to learning and teaching based on biblical principles, for the subject that is the backbone of our curriculum. PIPEline of HisStory™ is a common sense, super easy to use, wall timeline (that can also be made into a early learner’s book, or used as dividers in an older child’s PIPEline Journal.) The PIPEline of HisStory™ will help you put all of HisStory into the context of the advancing of God’s Kingdom and Liberty.

For the month of March you can get both of these popular resources for even less! And even add our third HisStory resource, PIPEline™ Book of Remembrance, for half of its sale price. The PIPEline™ Book of Remembrance is a timeline in a book, (based on the PIPEline of HisStory™,) that you and your older students create as you study.

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