New Vocabulary Study resource

Freedom & Simplicity™ Study of Vocabulary & English Roots

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The study of Etymology will enable you to communicate more clearly, as you learn more words you will be able to use more precise words correctly. What is etymology? Awe, if you know you can communicate more clearly. Etymology is made of 2 Greek parts that together mean “the study of the true sense of words”. Understanding the vocabulary we use.

Words have meanings. And knowing the meanings of a wide variety of words and how to use them properly helps us communicate more precisely to others so they can understand us better. It also is a great help in learning more new words. Although having a large vocabulary (and understanding of those words) can get you great scores on the SAT (and also lead to self-aggrandizing pride – if your only purpose is to show off what you know), the primary purpose for building your vocabulary is to avoid misunderstanding.

If you plan to go to college, a study of English Vocabulary is important. If you plan to converse with others effectively (and I hope you do) it is vital.

This Freedom & Simplicity™ resource provides the tools you need to effectively study Vocabulary, so you can effectively use it in communication. Follow the R Road process to reason through several types of word studies, and Journal these studies on the provided notebooking forms. Rather than a full list of words to study, this course gives you the tools to study any word! These tools include: Foundational study – to put Vocabulary learning in its proper whole-to-parts context, a variety of Journaling forms with instructions, suggested resources – including Webster’s 1828 Dictionary, and an example of course requirements, grading and credits for high school students.


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