Off the Computer and Into the Kitchen

So just what are we studying and where is my thinking these days, that so few posts are making it to this blog? November was indeed a slim month for all but announcements.

So, first THANK YOU to all who took advantage of our Bounty of L.E.D. We hope and pray you are enjoying all your new resources and being blessed by them. Please let us know.

Next, what’s been happening in L.E.D. and why it hasn’t led to new information here for you.

The first component of L.E.D. is Lifestyle. Sometimes we have pretty structured lessons and follow through a real book, and dig, and research in the Word for principles and ideas – the Biblical view of what we are learning through the book. This is what we’ve been doing this month – minus the book. 🙂 Our first topic this year was book heavy. This one is not.

I have no less to share with you, but we are in the “hands-on” life application aspect of learning, which is keeping me off the computer more than usual, and in the kitchen.

Our science-y topics tend to do that – get us into the physical world more, and more active. Life requires balance! We need both – book learning and hands-on, experiential learning.

This past month has led to many experiments. We have studied, mainly from me teaching from all my past research (compiled for seminars I’ve done) and then taking the children to the Word to find the Biblical view, and then putting it into action through real life experiments.

One experiment the children all enjoyed was our taste testing of various not-milks. We discovered what the properties of the various kinds were and what the best combinations were, and developed our favorite recipe.

We also did not enjoy experimenting with a new recipe dd tried for a salad. She picked a new one that sounded good, and followed the instructions, but didn’t take into account “our” tastes. She was the first to taste it, and wasn’t pleased. I helped her present it nicely, but no one was impressed. I explained to her that in things like that, with a lot of different spices, you should add a bit at a time and taste as you go. She is continuing to try new ones, taking into account what she has learned.

Another ds is ongoing experimenting with various combinations for fresh juices. Many of them ones I’ve had and enjoyed before, but the children aren’t as familiar with. It is helping get him out of the rut of the same ol’ thing everyday.

They are also learning much of the science (true knowledge) and politics of health in today’s world. As tends to happen with us, we are not documenting (leaving a paper trail) as well as I’d like (looking with hindsight). There are many things they could have done to make this show their learning. Instead, I’m hoping it becomes real and alive to them, and they will live it! all the days of their lives.

If you’d like to read more – about our taste test, and best recipe – or other ideas we’ve looked at, take a hop over to my from me blog and browse through. If you are wanting more L.E.D. info to help you in your teaching, hop down to a post I made at the end of October on this blog. Even if you’ve read it, re-read it again. It is the foundation of Freedom & Simplicity™ of Lifestyle Education through Discipleship.


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