Cut and Paste Just for Fun

Yesterday was a cut and paste day. I planned it as an activity to keep the younger ones occupied and engaged, but all the older ones decided to do their pages this way too, after their copywork and word studies.

We did a T-chart of G.O.D. – God’s Original Diet™ foods, and S.A.D. – Standard American Diet foods. I drew a little smiley in the middle of the ‘O’ and turned the cross-bar of the ‘A’ into a frown and put eyes in it, to help our little non-reader boys remember which side to put the pictures on.

It took me forever to get clip art pictures (since we have no magazines or newspapers on hand with food pics.) But once I printed them out, they had a blast.

We had just reasoned the G.O.D. foods from Genesis 1:29, so all they had to do was put anything not included in that on the other side. They were all very pleased with their Journal page, and the little ones showed them to the couple of visitors we had last night.

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