Nature Walks & Talks

This is an area I don’t post on very often. Although I love Creation, and my children love being out in it and wondering in all God has made, and we love reading in awe at his splendor, and watching videos of such things that we don’t have access to in rural Heartland USA, I’m still recovering from “we don’t do science”.

Someone who does do science and probably makes it more accessible for you (I don’t have, so haven’t read, her books yet) is Jeannie Fulbright. She has written the Exploring Creation series science books that are Charlotte Mason method friendly, and “Apologia Jr.” resources (i.e. they are considered pre-Apologia, which is texts for upper level science.)

Anyhow, I love what Jeannie has written about the neccessary relationship between Nature Walks and resources on God’s Creation. Read about it on her blog.


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