Freedom & Simplicity™ Poetry Study

Announcing our newest Freedom & Simplicity™ guide! I’m so excited! I just finished another in our Freedom & Simplicity™ “Dirt Cheap” series (that is, inexpensive, quick and concise guides to 1 particular topic, for busy mamas.)

This newest is guide is Freedom & Simplicity™ Poetry Study. Sometimes Poetry Study gets neglected in our homes because we feel we don’t have time for anything but the “basics”. But I believe “basics” aren’t more important than beauty. Life and learning  are not be to utilitarian, but rather about enjoying and growing in the good things life has to offer. Poetry is one of those things. In this guide I show you how to find Freedom & Simplicity™ in quick and painless daily activities. From there you learn how to go Beyond the Basics (as your time allows) and apply Biblical principles. Read what others are saying about this new ebook and…
Get yours today – to add Poetry Study in Freedom & Simplicity™ to your Lifestyle Education through Discipleship™.


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