Modern Maidservant #6 – Steamer

#6 – Steamer Our top recommendations – Instant Pot or Miracle Stainless Steel Rice Cooker (and vegetable steamer) or VitaClay Smart Organic Multi-Cooker (for stovetop Stainless Steel or Silicone or Bamboo Stovetop steamer) So many options. Yes, I’ve given many recommendations above, and below I’ll give you my thoughts, so you can choose the best … Continue reading

Modern Maidservant #5 – High Performance Blender

Our Top Recommendation–BlendTec You may already have a stand-alone blender or an all-in-one kitchen center, so why a high performance blender? Smoother smoothies! Well, that’s a good place to start anyhow. We do not recommend blending “whole food juices” instead of extracted juices, such as from the Champion Juicer. No matter what their … Continue reading

Modern Maidservant #4 – Dehydrator

#4 – Dehydrator Our top recommendations – American Harvest 1000watt or Excalibur 3900/3926T After raw, the next best foods for nutrition, convenience, and storage, both weight and space, are dehydrated foods. Dehydrators vary greatly! Look for opaque (not see through) machines for nutrient retention, with temperature control from 90° or 100° … Continue reading