Eating for Abundant Life

Eating for Rab Chai
(Abundant Life)

A Good for You – Naturally!™ Lifestyle of Eating

Following G.O.D. (God’s Original Diet) that He gave for man in Genesis 1:29 is best for our bodies and especially important for healing. God’s original 4 Food Groups are Raw Fruits, Raw Vegetables, Raw Nuts, and Raw Seeds. But due to our cultural traditions and habits, many of us find it very hard to give up cooked foods completely. Studies have shown that most of us, (if currently healthy,) can eat 15-25% of our foods cooked, if we eat the right things, without severely affecting our health negatively.

This Rab Chai diet consists of:

* 75-85% of food intake: 

  • raw fruits, including fresh raw fruit & greens smoothies
  • raw vegetables, including fresh raw juices
  • raw seeds, including sprouts
  • raw nuts

* 15-25% of food intake: 

  • lightly steamed or baked fresh vegetables
  • steamed or cooked whole grains (and possibly legumes)
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