Time Sensitive Alert: Instant Pot Deal

InstantPot Lux50If you’ve been considering the Instant Pot (electric pressure cooker,) and I believe you should be considering one, one of them is the Deal of the Day at Amazon today for the next 14 hours.

This model wouldn’t be my normal recommendation, because it is is 5 qt instead of 6 qt and the 6 in 1 model, rather than 7 in 1. The 7 in 1, has a low warm setting for yogurt making, that can also be used to raise bread.

But at this price savings you may want to consider this 5 qt Instant Pot LUX50, while it is on this sale, even if it may be your “starter” Instant Pot, or if you all ready have one, as your secondary pot, for making side dishes.



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