In the Beginning

God tells man, right at the beginning, what is to be his food, what will provide the nourishment his body needs to live, be strong, and in health. The temptation and fall of man involved eating something God said not to eat. That led to all mankind’s problems, most importantly, spiritual. Today a similar temptation, to eat things that “look good, taste good, and ‘I want it’,” but that don’t fall into what God has declared to be our food, or man has perverted, destroying all the life and health giving properties from, is the cause of much of man’s physical health problems (not spiritual).

Food does not commend you to God, but food may be a factor in your effectiveness for Him here on earth. The laws of God are not just spiritual. There are physical laws that affect us physically. Gravity affects us all physically. Poison affects us physically. Whether that poison is the quick acting kind, or the slow killers that are in all the non-foods we choose over God’s bounty, daily.

We are pleased to see an increasing number of people returning to the “old paths” of real foods, those things God has said shall nourish our bodies. We do not believe we can go back to the Garden physically. Because of the effects of sin, every human body will wear down and die. But we do believe that we can eat the real, living foods God has given for our nourishment to achieve the best health possible here on earth. There are countless testimonies of real, living foods working to restore vibrant health, in the bodies of people who once had all forms of degeneration and disease. Isn’t it much better to begin before you are faced with such a crisis, and to enjoy the bounty God has provided and its health giving properties now?

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