What are Modern Maidservants?

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Every workman must have proper tools to do his job effectively. We all know you can use a pair of pliers as a hammer in a pinch. But if you are a full-time construction worker, you don’t. You use the proper tool to do the job effectively and efficiently.

We may not have Maidens in the same sense that the Proverbs 31 wife did. But we do have many tools that make our work easier and more convenient and efficient. In our Good for You Store are some of ours for a wholefoods kitchen. In the Modern Maidservants™ category of these posts are the reasons we’ve chosen to add what we have to our Store, and helpful tips for you in choosing the tools you use in your kitchen.

Having the proper tools makes any job easier; the task of feeding our families the best we can is no exception. If we would choose to go all natural we wouldn’t need any tools at all, well maybe a knife and/or nut cracker. We’d just eat God’s Original Diet in its natural state – raw. We could do that and live pretty healthy on raw fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds. But food preparation is an art that most people enjoy–consuming if not preparing. And having the proper tools can even make the preparation enjoyable.

Most reasonably healthy people can consume about 15-25% of their food intake cooked without it having a negative effect on their health. And it takes some tools to do that food prep. Modern Maidservants™ is a list of modern tools available to be your maidservants, (Proverbs 31 says that the virtuous wife has them, 😉 ) in the art of food preparation. The top tools are numbered in order of nutritional value they help provide.

We have many other products available to offer you, however we feel if, out of all the options available, you are choosing to purchase through us, you are probably interested in our top picks. If you are wanting a different product than we have listed, click on our Amazon link or image in our sidebar.

Any prices listed in our Store are current at the time of posting, however the price of every product we list here, other than our Me & My House Exclusives, is out of our control. Certain items in the kitchen supplies market have fluctuating prices, so we cannot guarantee prices, though we do update as soon as we receive notice of change.

We appreciate our loyal customers who choose to support this ministry by making your purchases through us.

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