Modern Maidservant #5 – High Performance Blender

BlendTec Total Blender - http://gfy.frommeandmyhouse.comOur Top Recommendation–BlendTec

You may already have a stand-alone blender or an all-in-one kitchen center, so why a high performance blender? Smoother smoothies!

Well, that’s a good place to start anyhow. We do not recommend blending “whole food juices” instead of extracted juices, such as from the Champion Juicer. No matter what their slick sounding commercials say, we do not believe these blended foods are better than or a replacement for fresh extracted juice.

But, they do have a place in the Good for You-Naturally!™ lifestyle of eating. We do know that many who are juicing aren’t juicing large quantities of greens, and even those eating a diet high in living raw foods may not be eating enough of those dark leafy green vegetables. Blending, in particular Green Smoothies, are the best and easiest way to make sure you get your greens—and make them taste great too! So there is a place for both blending and juicing in the Good for You-Naturally!™ lifestyle.

These living green foods are great for your health, and blending them makes them not only go down easier, but also, by blending them in a high performance Blendtec® blender, their cellular walls are broke open making greater quantities of nutrients more bio-available to you. They are easier to digest, thus more of the nutrients in the food get into your cells.

But Green Smoothies are only 1 reason and usage of the Blendtec®. You’ll find it helpful for so many other food prep uses in the Good for You-Naturally!™ kitchen, especially as you increase your intake of living foods. Almond (and other nut) milks and butters, ice dreams, purees, sauces, dips, soups, and the list goes on.

Yes, you can keep using your current blender, but it won’t blend as smooth, it won’t break down the cellular walls, and it may not last long if you’re giving it the work-out that a Good for You-Naturally!™ for Life lifestyle of eating brings.

If you are on the road and don’t want to haul your Blendtec® with you everywhere, I recommend the NutriBullet Pro 900 as a good secondary blender.

Learn more about the Blendtec® and Order Here

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