Writing Your Own Curriculum

Does that sound scarey to you? Do you think you can’t possibly write your own curriculum? I hope by the end of this series of articles you will change your mind.

Years ago I got a book called, You Can Write Your Own Curriculum (or something like that). It was so common sense and easy to integrate, that once I adapted and developed some forms to suit our needs I got rid of the book. I wish I still had it to share its simplicity with you. But instead you will get my version.

For some the question may not be can I do it, but why would I want to? Writing curriculum is work. It takes time. And who knows if I’d do it right. So why write your own curriculum? In one word, Liberty.

Here in America we’re generally losing the understanding and the care about what that word means. We think freedom is doing whatever I want while someone else foots the bill. But in truth Liberty can be summed up in having self-government so no one needs to control me. It speaks of character and growth. Neither comes without Labor. Both require that four letter word that many don’t like to hear, work. But it is through Labor that we grow in wisdom, knowledge, understanding – and character.

Yes, writing your own curriculum requires work, but that is not a bad thing. It is the thing that will cause your own growth, and help develop good character in you. That which we are handed, whether it be curriculum or welfare, does not cause growth or develop character. It does not cause increase. It is only through Labor that we produce, cause increase.

How does this connect to Liberty? Increase through labor brings freedom. We live in a society that seeks ease above freedom, constantly giving away liberties in exchange for someone else to take care of everything for them. We do not have freedom when we are dependent upon others to take care of us. This mindset can pervade our thoughts of education also. We don’t see that freedom comes from laboring for production for ourselves. Laboring to write our own curriculum brings Liberty by freeing us from someone else’s ideas of what education should look like for our family. It frees us from being dependent upon someone else for our increase of knowledge.

Writing our own curriculum causes us to exercise our creativity through labor to cause us to grow and produce. It frees us from a consumer mentality. It allows our family to operate in the individuality God has created within us. It keeps us dependent upon the Lord.

Writing our own curriculum exercises our faith. We need to trust God to lead us to educate our children in the way He would have them go. We write in “fear and trembling”, acknowledging our own weaknesses and inadequacies but His ever present strength when we are weak that enables us to “do all things through Christ who strengthens me”, and knowing that His grace that is sufficient. He will see us through, and all glory goes to Him. And when we are most glorifying Him we have our greatest joy!

We write our own curriculum because of the freedom, individuality, and creativity, variety, growth and joy in it. It allows our family to show forth who God is making us to be.

I will continue this series, showing you the Freedom & Simplicity™ in Curriculum Writing.


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3 Responses to Writing Your Own Curriculum

  1. Renae says:

    This is so helpful! I had a discussion with a friend recently about “burning our textbooks.” It was all in fun but we are definitely trying to learn to live in freedom. Thank you for your blessing us with your wisdom!

  2. Mandi says:

    Hi Lisa!
    I am so glad you told us at the BPA group about your new blog- I had been checking in with the old one here and there with disappointment each time to see that nothing new was posted – I will enjoy reading through all the posts I missed! I love what you wrote here – God has really given me a heart to write my own curriculum also – I did a few last year including the health study I shared with the group -these have by far been the best studies I have done! I am going on my own almost completely this year – and I know I can do it through God’s grace alone and that’s why it will be the best! i would much rather be dependant on Him than on man ( :

  3. Thanks for stopping by to chat. These studies “just for us” are truly the most meaningful.