New to Homeschool? Start Here!

Congratulations on your decision to educate your children at home, or your decision to check into it. You no doubt have some questions that are common to most. How do I homeschool? Where do I find information? What do I need to do to start? Although this site is primarily about how to home educate by the Lifestyle Education through Discipleship™ approach, this series of posts will be helpful to anyone. It will also help you determine if Lifestyle Education through Discipleship™  is the right approach for your family.

What do I need to do to start? is comprised of 3 main questions: What does my state require? Where do I get my curriculum? What else do I need to know to get started? Parents generally think of them in this order (and sometimes don’t even think of the last one) but I think this is the reverse order of importance. The 3rd one is also comprised of a few other questions we’ll cover in this series. Perhaps a few you haven’t considered. These questions are covered in this series. As to where to find information and how to home educate, if you choose to apply Lifestyle Education through Discipleship™ that information will be found on this website and in our Exclusive Resources. As for other approaches, if you choose one of those, some of the links listed in the following articles will help you.


Why should our family home school?

What style of home education is right for our family? And where do I get information and resources for that style? (Several articles to help you sort out this area.)

What does the state require?



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