National Bible Week

National Bible Week ~ Nov. 23-30

Join us this week in studying and celebrating the history of the Bible and its enormous influence on our culture.

Perhaps you’d like to order a historic Bible, like the Geneva Bible, the Bible of the Reformation, that the Pilgrims brought with them to this New World. This was the first study Bible with commentary notes – as well as chapter and verse divisions.

Some of our favorite resources appropriate for getting or giving this week – and using every week! – are:

Geneva Bible 1599 edition – the Bible of the Reformation – also available: 1560 edition

KJV Hebrew-Greek Key Word Study Bible – my favorite study Bible, because it contains a Strong’s concordance of key words and a Lexicon (yet still is not a “hefty” Bible) – new 2008 edition!

Giant Print New King James Bible – for beginning readers (or anyone who has trouble with smaller print.)

Bible on mp3 – KJV narrated by Alexander Scourby

How the Bible Came to Us – short interesting story, with many colorful illustrations and some activities.

The Scripture Guide – Uncle Austin, The Bible Man, teaches his 2 nephews about the Bible over their holiday. Great story.

The Child’s Story Bible – by Catherine Vos. Our favorite family story Bible.

What the Bible is All About – Get a good overview of the big picture of the Bible.


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  1. Dan Lillpop says:

    Many good resources and much information. I appreciate your blog and your evident approach to life. Blessings to you.