L.E.D. Science

I was asked this week what we do for science. We don’t do traditional science texts. We study God’s Word – He has a LOT to say about the things He has made; we look at, really observe and talk about, Creation, the things He has made, in our own yard, neighborhood, and whereever we go; and we read/listen to/watch Creation resources – books, audios and videos – that explain God’s ways in His world, written by people who have a passion for studying such things and sharing them with others.

Today, Ruth Beechick shared on “strong science learning” in our home education. I like her conclusion. 🙂

For strong science learning for most children, use mostly creationist materials, not traditional science courses with a bit of creation added. That way children learn to think, learn lots of science, and learn to understand even evolution better than children brought up only on the myth. For serious science students in the later years, you could add traditional courses in chemistry or other sciences.

Ruth Beechick in the Home School Minute 3/26/08

Gotta go. My online workshop begins in less than an hour. 🙂

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