Handbook of Nature Study ~ Weblink Wednesday

Late post I know. We got home late last night and I just had to post about our trip to the state capital to voice our opinion on a recent bad bill against home education introduced.

Anyhow, late or not,–

NEWS FLASH!!! What??? NO WEBLINK WEDNESDAY THIS WEEK, But there is a new graphic?  Well too bad, I have a link I wanted to share.

Although I don’t like reading books online, nor printing them out to put in folders, (that’s not “real” books,) I LOVE to find books (especially old books) online so I can truly browse through them and determine if it is something I want to purchase and read.

This year I have been looking for more of our favorite treasures online, so I can share them with other parents, so they can browse through and buy, or download and read, or print off as they desire.

Handbook of Nature Study is one of those old books we own and really enjoy. It isn’t our key science book, but it could be. We don’t use it all the time, but we could. But I sure enjoy pulling it out and browsing through and picking and choosing what we will use out of it.

Even more than the benefit of Handbook is the benefit of the site I found it on. I use this site for finding a lot of the old books I’m looking for – Internet Archive. Just do a search for the old books you’re looking for.


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