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This article is part of a series for new home educators. In this, and several other articles, we cover What style of education is right for our family? And where do I get our curriculum?

Classical education is a return to the educational theories of Classical Greece and Rome. It’s methods utilize the Trivium or three tools of learning based upon stage of development. The Grammar stage focuses on the science of language usage, concrete thinking and memorization. The Dialectic stage on logic, proper analytical thinking and understanding. And the Rhetoric stage on the science of verbal and written expression, abstract thinking and debate. The Great Books of Western Civilization play a large role in this philosophy, as well as the classical languages of Latin and Greek. Christian Classical also develops a biblical worldview with a focus on theology study. This is a rigorous academic approach.

A few resources explaining the philosophies and methods of the Classical approach:

A few Classical education programs:

  • Veritas Press – is “a full service curriculum provider with a classical specialization”. Veritas Press has written many of its own classical curriculum resources.
  • Classical Conversations is a currently popular Christian Classical program with licensed communities, where you meet for classes.
  • Classical Christian Homeschooling – a website with much info, a free online curriculum linked to catalog of resources recommended.

Lifestyle Education through Discipleship™ emphasizes “right reasoning” and the ability to communicate effectively, and also divides learning into 3 seasons of development (but not completely the same way classical educators do.)

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