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I haven’t updated this blog since my post on Chris Klicka, the day he was hospitalized in Colorado Springs, during the HSLDA Leaders Conference.


The lack of posts hasn’t been because things have been dull here, or because I had no more updates on Chris, or because I had nothing education related to post. Health and Life Skills have been emphasized and I’ve been posting on that on my ‘from me’ blog. I’ve also updated on Chris over there, and today posted on his homecoming. Today he sees Jesus face to face. I also was tempted to rename my ‘from me’ blog – Never a Dull Moment. Life has been busy at Me and My House.


I hope you’ve been following my musings and random ramblings over at ‘from me’. If not, click on over there and catch up. There are several new posts on nutrition, health helps, homemaking, and new RECIPES! Don’t forget to bookmark and/or subscribe to the ‘from me’ blog. If I’m not posting here, most likely I am there. And it’s all related.


And don’t miss the upcoming, ultimate health and life skills class for you and your teens.

Freedom & Simplicity™ of Good for You-Naturally!™ Seminar

an full-day seminar on health through nutrition from a biblical perspective –
(that you can give school credits for)

Sat. November 7th, 9:30-5:30
in North Platte, NE

for more info click the title or here

See you there!

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