Ice Cream for Breakfast?

strawberry-nicecreamNa. It’s Nice Cream! Made quick and easy from frozen bananas and strawberries in my Champion Juicer! Mm-Mm GOOD!

Psst! We’ve got a Special Holiday Offer on the Champion right now. Get yours today and start making not only great tasting and Good for You-Naturally!™ nice creams, but also real living food nutritional supplements (a.k.a. fresh raw fruit and vegetable juices) and so much more! This is the piece of kitchen equipment I say is far more important than a stove.

More on Virgin Coconut Oil

Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is the healthiest oil – not just for cooking, but for health in general. I posted on Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO) a while back, and have more info on my Resources and Recommendations pages, BUT also promised to post more info on what all it is good for here.


Organic VCO is great for all your cooking and baking. It is a healthy, Good for You-Naturally!™ oil with NO transfats. It is the best oil to use whenever you are going to heat/cook with oil. It doesn’t undergo any changes that other oils do at high heats. It can be substituted for other oils or butter both in recipes and on foods such as bread/sandwiches, potatoes or other vegetables. But it is also a great addition to recipes and foods that don’t need added oil. Add a couple tablespoons VCO to your Good for You-Naturally!™ fresh fruit smoothies or other foods such as (already cooked) oatmeal or other grains, other drinks, or even just in warm water. (“Raw” is the best way to use VCO.) About the only place you will not want to use VCO is in salad dressings, since it is solid at room temperature. Optimal is 2-3 tablespoons per day for its health benefits. (See some of our recipes with VCO here.)

For external use coconut oil is good as a relaxing massage oil, but also so much more! – for scars, stretch marks, insect bites, athletes feet/fungus, body odor, rough skin, baby rashes, skin irritations, eczema, dermatitus, dandruff, wrinkles, corns, calluses, stop bleeding, reduces fever, reduces acne, improves digestion and aids in the absorption of nutrients including essential minerals (such as calcium,) is a great detoxifier, strengthens the immune system and increases metabolism. It is a great moisturizer and hair conditioner. Besides EFA’s (essential fatty acids,) VCO is high in vitamin E/anti-oxidents and is anti-fungal/microbial. [Scientific studies have proven that VCO’s major component, lauric acid, is an effective “anti-viral, anti-bacterial, and anti-fungal compound,”] (See The Virgin Coconut Oil website for one source of more info on VCO.)

“A statement released from the health experts and authorities in the coconut industry of the Philippines said, “While there is no direct proof available for the efficacy of the VCO against the H1N1 virus, scientific studies have proven that VCO’s major component, lauric acid, is an effective “anti-viral, anti-bacterial, and anti-fungal compound.” source and more info


Although Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is an AWESOME oil, it is not a magic pill. Don’t expect overnight miracle results – especially if you are living in a way that is detrimental to your health. Use VCO as a part of a Good for You-Naturally!™ lifestyle of health.


Books on Virgin Coconut Oil that may be helpful – but I haven’t read them yet.


Another website with info on VCO – I’ve only read this page so far, so can’t vouch for the rest of the site.


Order VCO on this page.

Sharpen Up!

I may not be the sharpest knife in the block. But my block on my shoulders now is sharp about good knives and my block on the counter now holds quality knives – sharp and able to get the job done easily and effectively. I found this post buried in my unposted drafts – from Jan. 07! It’s about time I get this info out!


Knives are far from my area of expertise. But a chef will tell you they are the most important kitchen tool. Perhaps they are right. As I note at the beginning of our Modern Maidservants page, to eat completely natural we wouldn’t need any tools but a knife.


But I have spent my life with cheap knives that don’t hold an edge and are usually super dull. It wasn’t that long ago that I told my daughter I really didn’t see any need for expensive knives. But then I began looking at the reason I hated using mine so much. The edges were not only dull, but horribly knicked up, and the serrated blades were bent over. The proof came as I sliced a loaf a bread and ended up with a big pile of crumbs, and my daughter tried to dice chicken and ended up with shredded. Yes, it’d been too long since they’d been sharpened, but it hadn’t been that long, and they were losing an edge way too quickly. I knew it was time to do something.


That began my research into knives. I found out that generally forged knives are higher quality than stamped, that high carbon stainless steel weds the best of carbon – great edge, with steel – no rust. I learned that Wustof and J.A. Henckels were the names to have, if you can afford them. I also learned that it is far better to buy 1 or 2 good quality knives, than have a “set” of poor quality ones. And that a good chef’s knife can easily cost double what I paid for the highest priced set I’d ever bought, but is worth it. Wusthof ClassicJ.A. Henckels Twin Pro


I learned that Chicago Cutlery, whose cheap versions I’ve had in the past, makes a forged set that gets favorable reviews for the money. They are called Walnut Forged. That there is a line of stamped knives that ranks very well, and a 3-piece starter set costs about what I paid for my big so-so set. They are Forschener/Victorinox, the company that makes the Swiss Army Knife.


I learned that my recommendations for which knives are most necessary, are pretty much the same as the expert chefs say, though I probably use my utility and paring more, and they all say the chef’s knife is the most used. Those 3 along with a serrated bread knife and a shorter serrated utility knife should be all you need, at least to get started. The only other knife you may prefer to have is a currently popular Santoku, Asian knife great for cutting vegetables.  If you prepare a lot of meat, you may want along the way to add a boning, fillet, and/or carving knife also. But I’d say, get an electric knife for carving. You can use it on bread too if you like.


Update: After about 2 years of use, I highly recommend the Wusthof Classic line of knives. I’ve been totally pleased with them. They are worth the money to have a great kitchen tool that you use day in and day out. If you can’t afford Classics, the Wusthof Gourmet line would be good starter knives. I recommend them over the other recommendations here. Just get a couple to get started, and purchase Classics to fill in, and then upgrade as you’re able.

Legacy Bible

If I didn’t already have this Bible, I would order this edition. Super legacy edition and super price.

from American Vision

The Bible of Calvin & the Reformers
is Back in Print After 400 Years

calvinbibleOn July 10, 2009, the world celebrated the 500th anniversary of the birth of John Calvin (1509-1564). A controversial and often misunderstood theologian, Calvin’s impact on our modern world is simply beyond comprehension. Calvin’s view that God reigns everywhere and over all things led him to develop the biblical idea that man can serve God in every area of life—church, civil government, education, art, music, business, law, journalism, etc. Calvin’s teaching led directly to what has become known as the “Protestant work ethic” and created unprecedented economic prosperity around the world.

One of his lesser-known contributions is that of the Geneva Bible, named for the city where Calvin lived and taught. The Geneva Bible was the first English Bible to feature chapters, verse numbers, cross references, and textual notes. The Geneva Bible and its nearly 300,000 marginal notes helped lead the English speaking world out from under the ignorance, heresy and tyranny of the Middle Ages and into a full understanding of God’s Kingdom ruling over all.

As its popularity and distribution increased, the Geneva Bible’s marginal notes incurred the wrath of the King of England. Specifically, the marginal note for Exodus 1:9 indicated that the Hebrew midwives were correct in disobeying the orders of the Egyptian King. King James railed against this interpretation, calling it “seditious.” The tyrant knew that if the people held him accountable to God’s Word, his days as a “Divine Right” king were numbered. Calvin and the Reformers were not about to change the clear meaning of Scripture to cater to the whims of the King or the Pope. The Geneva Bible began the unstoppable march to liberty in England, Scotland, and America.

The great American historian George Bancroft stated, “He that will not honor the memory, and respect the influence of Calvin, knows but little of the origin of American liberty.” The famous German historian, Leopold von Ranke, wrote, “John Calvin was the virtual founder of America.” John Adams, the second president of the United States, agreed: “Let not Geneva be forgotten or despised. Religious liberty owes it most respect.”

Building on Calvin’s remarkable legacy, Tolle Lege Press is pleased to publish a special version of the 1599 Geneva Bible to honor him and his enduring influence—The Calvin Legacy Edition. This special edition features an extensive introduction by Dr. David Hall, Executive Director of the Calvin 500 celebration ( Dr. Hall highlights John Calvin’s influence on the Geneva Bible, the Reformation, and the world. A CD-ROM is included with each edition that features the complete Geneva Bible text, Apocryphal books, and metrical Psalms.


  • Casebound in Genuine Leather with gold foil stamping
  • Gold-gilded pages
  • Word-for-word accuracy with the original 1599 Geneva Bible
  • Original cross references
  • Modern spelling
  • Original study notes by Reformers
  • Reproduction of Original Letter From John Calvin
  • Old English Glossary
  • “Calvin’s Legacy” by Dr. David Hall
  • Easy-to-read print
  • Size: 6.5” x 9.5”
  • Approximately 1,400 pages
  • FREE CD-ROM with searchable Bible text, Apocryphal books, and metrical Psalms

Sorry I don’t have a direct link, but it’s currently on the front page (scroll down) or  search Geneva Bible Calvin Legacy.

American Vision Online Store

Living Coram Deo – before the Face of God,

Lisa @ Me and My House

Read an E-Book

This is Read an E-Book Week. How did I ever almost miss such an important event? Well, we certainly can’t let it pass us by without doing something, can we? So… here are some ideas to help you celebrate “Read an E-Book Week!”

But, before I give you some options, why eBooks? Here’s 5 good reasons.

  1. Time. No waiting around to get your books in the mail – or taking the time and money to go to the bookstore – to get started. Download today – and at many places, including all the free ones, immediately. Your book is only a click away.
  2. Space. Those books take up a lot less space on the computer than on the bookshelf.
  3. Security. Even when you print the book to read it, you still have a back-up copy on the computer, in case something happens to your hard copy.
  4. Availability. Many great old, out of print books aren’t available (are very hard to find, cost prohibitive prices, etc.) in hard copy. E-Books may be your only chance to get them.
  5. Cost. Many of these books are FREE, and others are cheaper than the hard copy would be.

Does this mean I think eBooks are the way to go all out? No. eBooks have their place and they have some great reasons to utilize them. But they also have their limitations and drawbacks. I don’t ever want hard copy books to be replaced by eBooks. But I’ll save that for another day, or you can read what I’ve written about it in the past, on my Lifestyle Education through Discipleship™ blog. For today, we are focusing on the positive benefits, and some great ways to use them. Read on.

Me and My House provides many options for you. Currently we are offering a Sampler of Freedom & Simplicity™ in HisStory, FREE for subscribing to our FREE monthly e-newsletter. We also have a great sale going this entire month on the 3 L.E.D. HisStory e-resources. You have many other e-resource options from Me and My House also, for home education, home management, and Good for You-Naturally!™ nutrition. You don’t even need a holiday to enjoy these resources.

If you are into holidays there is one coming up in a week, and you can get FREE e-book resources to help you celebrate – and study them. Click on over to CurrClick and get Hands of a Child’s St. Patrick’s Day Lapbook for FREE this week. And scroll down the page while you’re there to get Living Books Curriculum’s St. Patrick’s Holiday Helper, also FREE.

But it doesn’t stop there. Anytime, any week, click over to our eBook site links page for a great list of websites where you can get great ebooks – FREE.

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1 Thessalonians 5:23
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I’m Blessed

Little things can be such blessings. This one is both little and free, but I am blessed none-the-less.

I just found out that SermonAudio has an interface for my iPod Touch (and the iPhone). Whoo-hoo! I can listen (and also save my favorites) anytime without downloading to my computer first and syncing.

I love SermonAudio for great teaching of God’s Word, and I love my iPod Touch for being SO handy and useful to me. Put the 2 together and WOW! I’m blessed!

For Me and My House ~ At Jesus’ feet,
Lisa @ Me and My House ~ Discipleship for Life!
1 Thessalonians 5:23
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Family Nativities


It’s time! I decorate wholly with Nativities this time of year. I LOVE the Incarnation of Emmanuel (even though I don’t particularly care for it being celebrated at a time we know he wasn’t born.) But I’ll take any opportunity that I can get to preach Christ!

I’ve added at least 1 Nativity each year of my adulthood. I have over 35 nativities!

One problem you can run into in doing this is small children. We have plenty – and have had all but the first of those 31 years – and now have grands too. So I’ve looked for and added plenty of “child proof” nativities that they can handle for those places that are “in-reach” of the little ones. I put my glass “pretties” up higher.

I have wooden nativities, plastic nativities, resin nativities, fabric nativites in addition to the more fragile glass, ceramic, and pine cone nativities.

I highly recommend having a child-proof nativity that your children can play with and reenact the story of Jesus birth. This will help them to interact in the meaning of Christmas for themselves, rather than seeing that the “Jesus” part is something for grown-ups that “we can’t touch”. And leaving them to only the “gift-getting” part.

Here’s a whole section of Children’s Nativities. Yes, our children have the twaddly plastic “Veggie Tales” one, in addition to others. Order one today – for your decorating, and as a gift to your children that shows the true meaning of the HolyDay and that they can play with.

AND if you order through ANY of our CBD links (which the Nativities below are) you can get FREE shipping with a $25 or more order, until Dec. 8th. Just choose Standard Shipping for your order, and enter the Promo Code:

You can also use our CBD Search Boxes or any of the links on our Recommended Resources catalog pages, to order Christian books, music, videos, gifts, and homeschool resources.

Here’s a couple I like and below are pictures of my Nativities (from a few years ago.)

664872: Wooden Nativity Playset Wooden Nativity Playset
By The Learning JourneyInvite young children to experience first-hand the birth of Jesus! With highly durable, quality wood construction, this 19-piece nativity set will provide hours of fun. It includes a three-dimensional stable and figures. Recommended for ages 3 and up.
38081X: Nativity Puppet Glove Set Nativity Puppet Glove Set
By Roman, Inc.Children can reenact the Nativity story with cute and fuzzy puppet gloves, each finger featuring a felt character from the story. Child size gloves are suitable for Sunday School, for children to play with in church, and for making the Christmas story come to life for little learners.

My Nativities








More on Almonds

Last year I posted notice that the government had once again overstepped their bounds and in cohorts with the CA Almond Board made a ruling that almonds must be pasteurized. This does not need to be noted on the label AND the label can still state "raw" almonds.

  • "The new rules do not require the disclosure that in fact these almonds have been pasteurized by either high heat, a nerve gas-like agent, or radiation." –
  • "a requirement that raw almonds be treated with propylene oxide (a toxic fumigant recognized as a carcinogen by the EPA) or steam-heated before they can be sold to American consumers." –

This of course did not make people happy – growers/ small handlers nor those that know the importance of raw food sources for health, conscientious consumers.

At the time I learned of this ridiculous, controlling law I passed on to you some sources for obtaining truly raw almonds, unpastuerized, direct from the grower. Now I’m hearing that even the grower cannot not ship directly to the consumer, who has knowingly and intelligently chosen to buy unpastuerized almonds, but that they only way they can sell them is directly on location.

I’m checking into this, to see if we can still purchase unpastuerized almonds. & still have them on their site – which appears to be good news. still offers them if you can pick them up at the ranch.

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Annnouncing – Our Latest Resource

The Redeeming the Time Journal – Menu Planning forms have been re-released today!

rtt-menucover.jpgIf 5 p.m. brings stress to your life as you try to figure our what’s for dinner, Freedom & Simplicity™ in the Kitchen is for you! This easy to use resource will help you put together menu plans from the foods you enjoy, easily, saving you time, money and stress.

See more or order at either the Redeeming the Time page or the Good for You-Naturally!™ exclusives page on our website.

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