Prevent or Get Over the Guilt Offer

Many of you would LOVE to get a Bosch and Nutri-Mill. You’d love to make fresh Good for You-Naturally! bread for your family with the time saving convenience of these Modern Maidservants™. But you just don’t know how to start. You’re afraid you’d get the machines and then, not knowing for sure what to do with them, they’d sit unused, and you’d feel guilty for spending the money, knowing it was a good investment, but that you aren’t utilizing it faithfully.

I’d love to help you out and I can! Many of you don’t live near here and can’t come to a Freedom & Simplicity™ Daily Bread workshop, but I’ve put it on audio for you. AND for those of you that purchase our 2008 Holiday Special Combo (Bosch Plus with blender & Nutri-Mill) I will GIVE you Freedom & Simplicity™ Daily Bread as a FREE Bonus!

In this workshop I lead you through why you should make Daily Bread, the ingredients we use and why, and step by step through making Quick and Easy Daily Bread. I want you to succeed and I want your family to be blessed with Good for You-Naturally! foods, and these awesome Modern Maidservants™. I think this workshop will bring you Freedom & Simplicity™ as you prepare Daily Bread for your family.

Do you already have a Bread Mixer and Grain Mill? Are they sitting in the cupboard unused, and you have the guilts? You aren’t left alone in your guilt anymore. You can purchase the Freedom & Simplicity™ Daily Bread workshop for ONLY $5 (currently), and get over your guilts too.

For Me and My House ~ At Jesus’ feet,
Lisa @ Me and My House ~ Discipleship for Life!
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Holiday Pricing on Bosch & Grain Mills

The Holidays are coming and I know what you’d like (well, many of you anyhow 🙂 And now is the time to get it, as the 2008 Holiday Special prices have just been announced. Treat yourself to an early gift and give your family the gift of great homemade Good for You – Naturally! foods. Or forward this to your dear husband as a hint for your Christmas list, or bookmark this page to return to after you’ve saved up for it. These prices are good through Dec. 31st (though supplies are limited, so may end before that).

bosch-combo-sale.jpgCombo Special – NutriMill and Universal Plus WITH blender: $599.99

“You wouldn’t buy a washer without a dryer….just as you wouldn’t want to buy a mixer without a mill! They go hand in hand”

Nutri-MillNutri Mill: $249.99

Universal PlusUniversal Plus AND blender: $399.99

Vital Mill: $179.99

Get more info on our Modern Maidservants™ pages by clicking the names of the products above. Email me to order.

Love to have it, but afraid you’d not know what to do with it, and never use it? See my next post for a RedHouseBONUS FREE OFFER, just for YOU!

For Me and My House ~ At Jesus’ feet,
Lisa @ Me and My House ~ Discipleship for Life!
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Bosch & Grain Mill Special

I just found out this a.m. that our supplier is able to get one last shipment of Bosch Universal kitchen machines (before the only available ones will be the new Universal Plus machines) – and we can offer it combined with the VitalMill (flour mill) at a SUPER PRICE for ONE WEEK ONLY!

NEW VitalMill & Bosch Universal Mixer Combo Special

Super Low Price Special lasts for One Week Only !!
Order by Aug. 7!

Purchase the VitalMill and Universal Bosch (model MUM6610) as a combo and save!!!

The Special Price on these 2 machines – INCLUDING a Blender for the Bosch – is $499.99! A Super Deal! It even includes FREE Shipping!

The VitalMill is much like the old Ultra Mill – a bit noisier machine, but still does a good job of producing flour.

See more about the Bosch and Grain Mills in general – like why I think you should have them 🙂
(the specials button isn’t on these pages):
Bosch Kitchen Center
Flour Mill

Here’s info about the VitalMill:
. 20 cup bowl capacity

· Strong, durable stainless steel milling heads

· Self-cleaning mill chamber

· Free-flow air design. Will not overheat.

· Hopper extension for larger capacity and quieter milling

· Wide opening access – mill lid

· Easy grip handle

· Clog free – no gumming, jamming and plugging

· Grinds non-oily grain (wheat, rye, spelt, millet, rice, corn, beans, quinoa, amaranth and oats)

· ETL approval (for both US and Canada)

· 5 year warranty

Study Bible SALE

Before today’s post – just a reminder, get info and register for our Freedom & Simplicity™ of Lifestyle Education through Discipleship™ ~ The Seminar LIVE! 2008 – coming to North Platte, NE June 27th & 28th.

I’ll preface this with – this isn’t a Bible I have, so it isn’t necessarily a recommendation. HOWEVER, it is a SUPER SALE if you are famliar with the editor and agree with his viewpoint.  Sale price of $14.99 ends today.

018030: NKJV The Legacy Study Bible, Hardcover NKJV The Legacy Study Bible, Hardcover
By Thomas Nelson

Document your legacy of faith with the Legacy Study Bible. Best-selling author and “Bible Answer Man” Hank Hanegraaff has created the perfect tool to build and pass along your spiritual legacy.

Features Include:

  • Four-color legacy presentation section
  • Book introductions written by Hank in his LEGACY acronym (Location, Essence, Genre, Author, Context, Years) format
  • Informative and educational acronym articles written by Hank include:
    • LIGHTS-How to understand the Bible
    • MAPS-Demonstrating how the Bible is divinely inspired and preserved
    • MEALS-How to grow in the faith
    • DOCTRINE-Essential Christian doctrine
    • FEAT-Apologetic on Christ’s resurrection
  • Legacy Reading Program
  • Timelines and charts
  • Extensive concordance
  • Four-color maps
  • 7 x 93/16″ x 15/8″
  • Hardcover
  • 1664 Pages
  • Words of Christ in red

Here’s another that we do have and use, at a good price too – currently 19.99. Of course, leather bound is also available for either.

014774: NKJV Open Bible Hardcover NKJV Open Bible Hardcover
By Thomas Nelson

Over the years, the Open Bible has been loved, used, and worn out by countless students of God’s Word. Here you’ll find an excellent combination of essential helps to guide you as you learn God’s truth. This large print edition features the New King James Version, in a hardcover binding.

Includes the following features:

  • Presentation page
  • Large, easy-to-read 8 point type
  • Double-column format
  • End-of-verse references
  • Words of Christ in Red
  • Subject headings
  • Translation/textual notes
  • 300-page Biblical Cyclopedic Index
  • Christian Guide to the New Life (with notes chained throughout the Bible)
  • Visual Survey of the Bible
  • Concordance
  • Book introductions and outlines
  • Full-color maps
  • Harmony of the Gospels
  • Timelines
  • Prophecies of the Messiah Fulfilled in Christ
  • The Parables of Jesus Christ
  • The Miracles of Jesus Christ
  • Teachings and Illustrations of Christ
  • God’s Answers to Man’s Concerns
  • Prayers of the Bible
  • Laws of the Bible
  • Archaeological Supplement
  • 61/4″ x 91/2″ x 11/4″
  • Hardcover

Pilgrims Progress

One of our family’s absolute all-time favorite books, Pilgrims Progress, is available in audiobook format as a free download from ChristianAudio this month (June ’08). Click on “Free Download” on their homepage to get the details for getting this free audiobook.

For Me and My House ~ At Jesus’ feet,
Lisa @ Me and My House ~ Discipleship for Life!
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Internet Safety

Having a family and having internet access requires having an internet filter.

We use and love BSafe.

It is a Christian company and works great. You (/the administrator) can custom change the settings if you need to allow a certain site (- such as ours is set to restrict all free webhosts, but I’ve allowed ) The price is not bad – and it is SO worth it.

You can purchase it through the home site or several different ministries (giving the ministry a bit of a kickback – so choose which one you’d like to support.) Here are a few I know of:

Character Link
Answers in Genesis
American Family Association
Dave Ramsey

Bsafe Online’s filter unequivocally offers the highest level of Internet protection available on the market today. The combination of the human-review process with a white-list and black-list approach, supported by our rapidly expanding database of more than 1 million reviewed sites makes it the strongest, most reliable, and most effective option you can choose.

This is the world’s best Internet filter software for the family PC. Incredibly fast, reliable, and works with any ISP from anywhere in the world. Our family filter is fast, reliable, secure, and packed with customizable features. Best of all, it’s easy to download and install. Our optional tamper-proof history report is included.

If you do not have an internet filter, get one today – for your whole family’s safety.

For Me and My House ~ At Jesus’ feet,
Lisa @ Me and My House ~ Discipleship for Life!
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Your Children’s Health

In today’s fast paced society, it’s plain to see that the health of our nation’s children is in crisis. Obesity rates are at the highest levels ever putting millions of children at risk for high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart disease and diabetes. Sadly, obesity and many of these chronic diseases will follow them into adulthood – and it’s the children who will end up paying the ultimate price as they grow older.

The junk food industry spends $33 billion dollars per year to convince your children that it’s normal to consume several servings of sodas, junk food, fast food, candy and other processed foods each day. At the same time, the increased use of computers and computer games has drastically reduced the levels of physical activity that our children get – and this is a recipe for disaster.

from the Wholefood Farmacy

The Wholefood Farmacy is now offering a complementary email based educational program for parents that we call “15 Days To Wellness For Parents”. After you subscribe you will receive one short email per day for 15 days that includes all of the latest scientific research, important health issues and helpful tips for parents of children and teens. One minute per day for 15 days can change your child’s life forever!

Did you miss it?

If you missed the FREE 90 Days to Wellness short articles, you can subscribe NOW (that is ANYTIME) and receive daily, for 90 days, 1 minute email messages that will help you on your way to true health. The latest scientific research regarding whole foods, water and exercise is absolutely amazing!

One minute a day for 90 days can change your life forever!

FREE Wellness Program
from The Wholefood Pharmacy

We are now offering a complementary public service educational program that we call 90 Days To Wellness. We’ll send you one short yet informative wellness article each day for 90 days. Each message is brief and can be read in about one minute. Your privacy is guaranteed and you can opt out at any time with one click.

For Me and My House ~ At Jesus’ feet,
Lisa @ Me and My House ~ Discipleship for Life!
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Announcing! Daily Bread

I’ve made a step into fulfilling one of my goals for Good for You – Naturally! for this year, just in the nick of time. I have the first of the Good for You – Naturally!  Freedom & Simplicity in the Kitchen resources re-done and ready for online delivery!!

As usual for me, this wasn’t the project I intended on being the first to be re-done. I thought I’d work on the Recipe books and get them reformatted and updated as e-books, and then move on to the seminar and workshops. I have been working on the Recipe books –  But… my best laid plans …

Now available, for the first time without you having to attend a local workshop, is Freedom & Simplicity™ Daily Bread. In this audio workshop, (available as an mp3 download file,) you’ll learn all about making Quick and Easy Basic Daily Bread, from Good for You – Natually! ingredients.  I cover: why Daily Bread (compared to Dead Bread), what ingredients (and why), and step by step how to make it – quick and easy!

We think this workshop will help bring you Freedom & Simplicity™ as you prepare Daily Bread for your family.

Order here or on our Good for You – Naturally! catalog page.