Modern Maidservant #3 – Juicer

Our top recommendation–Commercial Champion

Champion JuicerFresh whole foods juices are another form of raw foods that concentrates nutrients. Fresh juices are a key “power food” for healing, weight loss and management, and supplementing a less than optimal diet. They are an important part of a Good for You-Naturally!™ lifestyle of eating. I (and my Doctor) believe that 2 glasses of fresh juice–primarily vegetable–are the best quality, most cost effective, and most beneficial vitamin/mineral supplements anyone can take, as it goes way beyond vitamins and minerals to phytonutrients and enzymes. Juicing, like sprouting, is a change that takes time to become a consistent part of your lifestyle, but is very worth it for the health benefits it brings! It only takes a few minutes a day.

There are several different types of juice extractors; the quality of juice depends on the type of juicer. The highest quality juice comes from a masticating juicer with hydraulic press. (They are large and heavy and cost about $2500 so are not usually an option for home use).

Next is a low-speed, low/no heat triturating juicer. These retain the most nutrients and enzymes and get the most juice out of your produce, with the least pulp. They are also able to efficiently extract juice from wheat grass, leafy greens, sprouts, and herbs. Most low-speed (“wheatgrass”) juicers are not made to do hard vegetables, requiring you to buy 2 different juicers if you plan on doing a lot of “greens” juicing. The Green Star juicer will do both. Because of the magnetic and bioceramic technology used in the Green Star, the juice retains more nutrients, will stay fresh for 48 hours in the refrigerator, whereas juices from other juicers oxidize quickly and should be drank within a half hour. The Green Star Elite (GSE-5000) has a jumbo twin-gear and includes all attachments. The Green Star 1000 is the basic machine, no attachments. (Purchase Green Star juicers through Amazon.)

If the Green Star is a bit over your budget, and/or you don’t need the convenience of juicing ahead a day or so, the next best quality from a home juicer comes from a masticating juicer, at nearly half the price. It retains the next most nutrients and enzymes. and will do the above “greens” although less efficiently. I think it is the best choice for most people.

The Champion is the masticating juicer, and very heavy duty. It (and the Green Star) will also make nut butters, purees and baby foods, and frozen desserts. This juicer will do what you need it to do and will do it efficiently. The Champion is powerful, durable, and easy to use and clean. It has been the home juicer for those wanting the full health benefits of fresh juice since 1955. It does better on fruit than the twin-gear juicers, but not as well on the greens. But there is now a Greens attachment for the Champion. (I haven’t tried it yet.) The Champion does produce a bit pulpier juice than the Green Star. The Champion is also easier to clean than the Green Star.

We use and highly recommend the Commercial (Heavy Duty) Champion. It’s what we have used for over 18 years and we LOVE IT and its versatility!

Centrifugal juicers are probably the best known juicers. They chop and spin the food at high speeds to extract the juice. This causes more loss of nutrients and enzymes, more oxidation, and less juice/more waste from your produce. Some eject the leftover pulp into a separate container; others retain the pulp in the spinner basket. The latter gives more juice for your money, but still not as much as our recommended juicers. We don’t recommend centrifugal juicers. Juicing is a super addition to your family’s diet and a quality home juicer is will be worth it. F.Y.I. “Vita-mix” is not a juice extractor; it is a high powered blender. A great machine but not a juicer–it liquifies food, not juices it. See our recommended high performance blender here.

New to juicing? Order our Drinking Your Vitamins! Freedom & Simplicity™ Guide to Juicing This e-guide to fresh juices includes a look at nutritional supplements, the basics of juicing, a juicer buying guide, and raw juice powders and book recommendations.

Learn more about the Champion and Order here

Levi’s Story

Why I Teach Nutrition the Way I Do

“Behold, a son!” (translation of the Hebrew, “Reuben”)

Levi Reuben was born in March 1994, our seventh child and first son. From the moment of birth it was clear satan wanted to steal life from this child as he had 2 of our others. We’d come to peace with the presence of the others with the Lord, but we weren’t letting this one go too. We were prepared to wrestle for him. He was born in the sack of waters and didn’t breathe for over 5 minutes. Our primary doctor was a great blessing in those moments. It was our first home birth, and a perfect pregnancy, labor and delivery. And after those scary first moments, all was well. But a month later he was still having occasional trouble breathing–actually he was waking up about 3:00 every morning struggling for breath. We’d get him upright, pray, and he’d be O.K. The doctors said, “It’s probably an allergy to something.” A voice inside said, “Could it be dairy products?” He was totally breastfed. I was eating a whole foods diet which included animal/dairy products.

The opportunity arose for us to attend an all-day seminar by a Christian nutritional doctor with degrees behind his name for, what seemed to me like, every medical field. We set out in a blizzard, my one month old, me, and my newly licensed 16 year old daughter behind the wheel. The car behind us rolled over an embankment, and I took over the wheel. satan had made strike two. The two and a half hour trip took somewhere between four and five hours; but surprisingly, turning around never crossed my mind. At the seminar I tried to balance jostling a colic-y baby and listening to information I hadn’t learned in my 16 years of nutritional study. I went up to ask a question at the end of a session and Dr. Joel said, “You’re on dairy aren’t you? I’ve been watching your baby this morning. Get off of it and he’ll be fine.” It worked. I radically changed my diet (again), even more than it already was from the American “norm”, and within 30 days Levi’s problems had totally disappeared.

Until two and a half years later, Levi seemed to have no problems at all, just like all his older sisters. He and I remained dairy free, and continued a whole foods diet with some meat. Then Levi got chicken pox. He got sicker and sicker, and paler and paler, and weaker and weaker until he couldn’t stand and his lips were white. Our family physician had said it’s harder on some than others, but a friend and I took him in to his office on our way to a church conference. His blood counts were 2.6 (should be 14-15 – and death occurs often at 6 or lower) and 6% (should be 30-36%). He was immediately sent to a larger hospital ER and admitted to ICU for blood transfusions. It didn’t matter that I didn’t believe in them, I had no choice, and my husband was four hours away, on his way home. satan makes strike three. After three days in ICU with a diagnosis of a perfectly healthy boy except he didn’t have any red blood cells and his body wasn’t making any, the transfusions raised his levels to normal and he was released. Every other day blood checks would reveal if his body restarted making red blood cells on its own. It was a rare complication of the chicken pox and corrected itself after the transfusions. But. . .

Two weeks later he got a severe urinary tract infection that was resistant to nearly all antibiotics. After the antibiotic treatments the “specialist” decided his kidneys were malfunctioning. They decided they needed to run serious tests (ie. medically beyond my comfort range on a child with such compromised health), and put him on antibiotics for the rest of his life. satan makes strike four. Not acceptable to me! We recontacted the nutritional doctor, 2 states away, for a second opinion. He confirmed our hopes that there was another way to deal with this. A two week fresh juice diet and consultations with a Christian nutritional councelor and no more meat. Now the relatives truly thought we’d flipped! It was bad enough to not let him have dairy. They were waiting for the day he’d “outgrow it” so he could grow “big and strong”, and now no meat, surely he’d die. But die he didn’t! Within the two weeks of fresh, raw juice only, he not only put back on the weight he’d lost from being ill, but also more and was filling out.

In the past two years Levi has been in perfect health with rarely even as much as a 24 hour sniffle or upset stomach. I’ve spent that time in even deeper study of nutrition, both medically and biblically, and of those with cancer, heart problems, and other life threatening diseases that have chosen this “old path” and seen complete healing. We thank God for bringing these servants of God, that know the supremacy of eternal life, into our lives to instruct us in ways of health here on earth also.

[Update: This story was written in 1998. Levi continues to be healthy at age 20 in 2014. Levi has had no health issues since those above, and continues to eat Good for You-Naturally!™ (Although he does occasionally digress, like all of us, he remains in good health.)]

Modern Maidservant #2 – Sprouter

#2 – Sprouter

Our top recommendation – Gardening for Wimps & Terra Cotta, Basket, and/or Hemp Bag Sprouter

Sprout BagsWe all know that raw foods are best. Sprouts are a form of raw with even greater increased nutrition. In addition, many seeds are not eaten in the form we get them (ie. dried, grains and beans); sprouting makes them more digestible. Sprouts are a small, easy, and cheap improvement to your diet with big benefits, but it is a lifestyle change that will take time to become a habit.

Sprouting is indoor gardening that allows you to have fresh organic “baby vegetables” year-round. Sprouting has been traditionally done in a glass jar with cheesecloth or fine netting over the opening but a Sprouter adds convenience and lessens the chance of molding, and they are quite inexpensive. The key to Sprouting is good air circulation and good drainage. These are 2 big problems when using a jar. Jar sprouting tends to many crop failures, due to spoilage.

Gardening for Wimps is a Freedom & Simplicity™ guide to sprouting, from Me and My House. It tells you all you need to get started in kitchen gardening–why sprout, the proper equipment, the various seeds, proper care, etc. It also includes recommendations for sprouters, going into more depth than I do here.

We’ve used several types of sprouters over the years, beginning with those glass jars, moving on to a plastic 2 layer “jar” with drainage, and then on to tray sprouters that provided verticle sprouting and that provides a much better environment for the sprouts with room to grow and much better crops. One of our favorite tray sprouters was in a clear “house” with a roof. This sprouter provided the humidity needed for good sprouting. The Sprout Master is a verticle sprouter with 3 plastic trays with covers. (Here’s the Single, and Mini Triple.) These are easy to use and good method and inexpensive, …

… but I’d really like to avoid the plastic. I have 2 choices I know of, 1) find some good traditional bamboo baskets for sprouting, or 2) a newer type of sprouter (to me anyhow) made of TerraCotta. I’m really excited about these. Untreated clay, great environment for the sprouts–with no plastic out-gassing, has great ventilation, absorbtion. TerraCotta Sprouters (or this one) provide an environments most similar to natural growing conditions. (However, last I checked these were currently unavailable).

The baskets were the first used and sold by the Sproutman in 1977. However due to inconsistent quality he quit selling them. You can look for a good sprouting basket made of unshellaced bamboo with a tight “bread basket” weave.

The Hemp Bag Sprouter (made here in the USA) is also an easy to use and natural option. Just dip and hang. We recommend it for certain types of sprouts.

If you really get into sprouting, or you’re really a gardening wimp, you may want to get an automatic sprouter. They can be really handy if you tend to forget to water your sprouts, or if you have many sprouts growing. The drawback is, again, these are plastic. The Freshlife automatic sprouter is made up of round trays that sit on a water reservoir and has a misting head that sprays over the top of your sprouts. Another type of automatic sprouter is the Easy Green. After researching these out and talking with a friend who uses one, I think I can highly recommend the EasyGreen MikroFarm. We may eventually partner with them, but for now, here’s an Amazon link, for the best price we’ve found there. Easy Green Automatic Sprouter

In the Beginning

God tells man, right at the beginning, what is to be his food, what will provide the nourishment his body needs to live, be strong, and in health. The temptation and fall of man involved eating something God said not to eat. That led to all mankind’s problems, most importantly, spiritual. Today a similar temptation, to eat things that “look good, taste good, and ‘I want it’,” but that don’t fall into what God has declared to be our food, or man has perverted, destroying all the life and health giving properties from, is the cause of much of man’s physical health problems (not spiritual).

Food does not commend you to God, but food may be a factor in your effectiveness for Him here on earth. The laws of God are not just spiritual. There are physical laws that affect us physically. Gravity affects us all physically. Poison affects us physically. Whether that poison is the quick acting kind, or the slow killers that are in all the non-foods we choose over God’s bounty, daily.

We are pleased to see an increasing number of people returning to the “old paths” of real foods, those things God has said shall nourish our bodies. We do not believe we can go back to the Garden physically. Because of the effects of sin, every human body will wear down and die. But we do believe that we can eat the real, living foods God has given for our nourishment to achieve the best health possible here on earth. There are countless testimonies of real, living foods working to restore vibrant health, in the bodies of people who once had all forms of degeneration and disease. Isn’t it much better to begin before you are faced with such a crisis, and to enjoy the bounty God has provided and its health giving properties now?

Modern Maidservant #1 – Water Purifier

Our Top Recommendation – a home RO+DI system (or Distiller), and Stainless Steel or Glass Water Bottles for on-the-go

Pure water heads the list of Good for You-Naturally!™ foods. Our bodies are 2/3 water and they continually need rehydrated. Water is necessary for our bodily functions, and pure water helps us function best. I highly recommend that you don’t drink tap water–city or well. The contaminates pose too high of a health risk and they change daily. Distilled water is easy to buy and inexpensive, (Reverse Osmosis is considered equal–or nearly so–by many health proponents,) but over time those costs for bottled water add up, and there is the issue of the thin plastic containers it comes in. Figuring for just 1 person at 1 gallon per day (the recommended average amount for drinking and cooking) this Modern Maidservant would pay for itself in just over one year; for a family, in just a few months.

Our first water purification system (beyond the simple carbon filter types like Brita and Pur,) was a countertop distiller, that produced one gallon of distilled water in several hours. It was a store branded Waterwise 4000 Water Steam Distiller, and served us very well for very many years. [Update: These come with a glass carafe now! Good job Waterwise.] These are easy to use and easy to clean, but of course do require that you do something. It is best to get one with SS tank and coils (which ours and the Waterwise 4000 do), but some of the newer ones have “food grade plastic”, (which possibly has its own dangers.) Many of the new, sleaker designs have added “features” but some also have the plastic boiling tanks. The Waterwise 8800 Water Distiller  is programable–has a built-in timer, has a SS boiling tank that is removable, and a drip-less “stop and serve” feature. The Waterwise 9000 has a plastic tank. Whole house distillers are very expensive.

AquaSafeOur top pick for ease and constant availability for a water purification system for the home is a Reverse Osmosis system hooked into your waterline (that will also supply your refrigerator’s ice maker with pure water!). We switched to a RO+DI 100GPD system 4-5 years ago and LOVE IT. Truly pure water is available at all times at the tap, no filling jugs or tanks. We just change the filters a couple times a year. This has proven very economical for us. RO systems can be purchased reasonably. We have been very happy with ours. “This unit is a top of the line system for those who want really, really pure water at the lowest possible price. It is RO plus DI (demineralization by ionization) to make absolutely the highest quality water possible. This is the water used in manufacturing computer chips, circuit boards and for pharmaceuticals, and is virtually pure water. It will make water that is 99-100% pure.” (from Aqua-safe’s webpage)

Pura stainless steel water bottleOnce you’ve got pure water. Keep it pure. Drink your pure water out of glass or stainless steel. Avoid plastic whenever possible–and aluminum at all costs. This isn’t a problem at home, glass glasses are a natural. But when on-the-go it’s presented challenges. No longer. Stainless steel water bottles are now readily available. The stainless steel ones I’ve found that I love are from Pura & Klean Kanteen. They are #304 (18/10) stainless steel and also have a stainless steel (interior) cap (rare to find.)  They come in several sizes – perfect for kids, adults, and travel. [Since originally writing this I have collected several Klean Kanteen bottles, of various sizes, with various stainless steel caps, some also wide mouth, some insulated. Klean Kanteen are my faves, but Pura cost less.]  Glass water bottles are also abundantly available, some with insulating carriers to protect them from breaking. Watch, as many have plastic lids. For that you can just buy Voss bottled water, or Kevita or other drinks in glass bottles, and save the bottles for “free”, heavy duty water bottles. Mason Jars are great too!

BTW, when your out and have to buy single serving pre-bottled water, get Aquafina. The mineral-ized waters of Dasani and others should not be your first choice. When buying gallons of pre-bottled get distilled (not “drinking water”, or some other label). Most machines in stores that you fill your jugs yourself from are the RO system like we now have in our home. The home system pays for itself in a short time and is fairly easy to install, and avoids the potentially unsafe plastic of the bottles.

Are you concerned about the lack of minerals in distilled water? Don’t be. 1) the “mineralized” waters contain forms of minerals that your body can’t use, in fact are hard on it. 2) if you want to naturally mineralize your distilled water, with a form your body can use, add about 6-8 grains of whole brown rice to a gallon jug of water and allow it to stand overnight. By morning you will have naturally mineralized water.

Another interesting distiller for those who want a non-electric distiller. Great for camping! Waterwise makes an all stainless steel distiller that you just set on a heat source. Waterwise WW1600 Non-Electric Stainless Steel Water Distiller

Oh, and yes I know, water doesn’t provide the “most nutrients” for our bodies. But pure water does, not only not give us toxins, but helps our bodies remove them.

*Note: Our Reverse Osmosis system is from Aqua-Safe in Canada. We found them on eBay. I’m guessing most any 5 stage/RO+DI system will be about the same. The 5 stage are harder to find. You may be happy with a 4 stage that are common, but I prefer the extra step for the best water possible.

What are Modern Maidservants?

gfyappleResources & Recommendations for the Kitchen

Every workman must have proper tools to do his job effectively. We all know you can use a pair of pliers as a hammer in a pinch. But if you are a full-time construction worker, you don’t. You use the proper tool to do the job effectively and efficiently.

We may not have Maidens in the same sense that the Proverbs 31 wife did. But we do have many tools that make our work easier and more convenient and efficient. In our Good for You Store are some of ours for a wholefoods kitchen. In the Modern Maidservants™ category of these posts are the reasons we’ve chosen to add what we have to our Store, and helpful tips for you in choosing the tools you use in your kitchen.

Having the proper tools makes any job easier; the task of feeding our families the best we can is no exception. If we would choose to go all natural we wouldn’t need any tools at all, well maybe a knife and/or nut cracker. We’d just eat God’s Original Diet in its natural state – raw. We could do that and live pretty healthy on raw fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds. But food preparation is an art that most people enjoy–consuming if not preparing. And having the proper tools can even make the preparation enjoyable.

Most reasonably healthy people can consume about 15-25% of their food intake cooked without it having a negative effect on their health. And it takes some tools to do that food prep. Modern Maidservants™ is a list of modern tools available to be your maidservants, (Proverbs 31 says that the virtuous wife has them, 😉 ) in the art of food preparation. The top tools are numbered in order of nutritional value they help provide.

We have many other products available to offer you, however we feel if, out of all the options available, you are choosing to purchase through us, you are probably interested in our top picks. If you are wanting a different product than we have listed, click on our Amazon link or image in our sidebar.

Any prices listed in our Store are current at the time of posting, however the price of every product we list here, other than our Me & My House Exclusives, is out of our control. Certain items in the kitchen supplies market have fluctuating prices, so we cannot guarantee prices, though we do update as soon as we receive notice of change.

We appreciate our loyal customers who choose to support this ministry by making your purchases through us.

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Welcome to Good for You-Naturally!

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