Modern Maidservant #1 – Water Purifier

Our Top Recommendation – a home RO+DI system (or Distiller), and Stainless Steel or Glass Water Bottles for on-the-go

Pure water heads the list of Good for You-Naturally!™ foods. Our bodies are 2/3 water and they continually need rehydrated. Water is necessary for our bodily functions, and pure water helps us function best. I highly recommend that you don’t drink tap water–city or well. The contaminates pose too high of a health risk and they change daily. Distilled water is easy to buy and inexpensive, (Reverse Osmosis is considered equal–or nearly so–by many health proponents,) but over time those costs for bottled water add up, and there is the issue of the thin plastic containers it comes in. Figuring for just 1 person at 1 gallon per day (the recommended average amount for drinking and cooking) this Modern Maidservant would pay for itself in just over one year; for a family, in just a few months.

Our first water purification system (beyond the simple carbon filter types like Brita and Pur,) was a countertop distiller, that produced one gallon of distilled water in several hours. It was a store branded Waterwise 4000 Water Steam Distiller, and served us very well for very many years. [Update: These come with a glass carafe now! Good job Waterwise.] These are easy to use and easy to clean, but of course do require that you do something. It is best to get one with SS tank and coils (which ours and the Waterwise 4000 do), but some of the newer ones have “food grade plastic”, (which possibly has its own dangers.) Many of the new, sleaker designs have added “features” but some also have the plastic boiling tanks. The Waterwise 8800 Water Distiller  is programable–has a built-in timer, has a SS boiling tank that is removable, and a drip-less “stop and serve” feature. The Waterwise 9000 has a plastic tank. Whole house distillers are very expensive.

AquaSafeOur top pick for ease and constant availability for a water purification system for the home is a Reverse Osmosis system hooked into your waterline (that will also supply your refrigerator’s ice maker with pure water!). We switched to a RO+DI 100GPD system 4-5 years ago and LOVE IT. Truly pure water is available at all times at the tap, no filling jugs or tanks. We just change the filters a couple times a year. This has proven very economical for us. RO systems can be purchased reasonably. We have been very happy with ours. “This unit is a top of the line system for those who want really, really pure water at the lowest possible price. It is RO plus DI (demineralization by ionization) to make absolutely the highest quality water possible. This is the water used in manufacturing computer chips, circuit boards and for pharmaceuticals, and is virtually pure water. It will make water that is 99-100% pure.” (from Aqua-safe’s webpage)

Pura stainless steel water bottleOnce you’ve got pure water. Keep it pure. Drink your pure water out of glass or stainless steel. Avoid plastic whenever possible–and aluminum at all costs. This isn’t a problem at home, glass glasses are a natural. But when on-the-go it’s presented challenges. No longer. Stainless steel water bottles are now readily available. The stainless steel ones I’ve found that I love are from Pura & Klean Kanteen. They are #304 (18/10) stainless steel and also have a stainless steel (interior) cap (rare to find.)  They come in several sizes – perfect for kids, adults, and travel. [Since originally writing this I have collected several Klean Kanteen bottles, of various sizes, with various stainless steel caps, some also wide mouth, some insulated. Klean Kanteen are my faves, but Pura cost less.]  Glass water bottles are also abundantly available, some with insulating carriers to protect them from breaking. Watch, as many have plastic lids. For that you can just buy Voss bottled water, or Kevita or other drinks in glass bottles, and save the bottles for “free”, heavy duty water bottles. Mason Jars are great too!

BTW, when your out and have to buy single serving pre-bottled water, get Aquafina. The mineral-ized waters of Dasani and others should not be your first choice. When buying gallons of pre-bottled get distilled (not “drinking water”, or some other label). Most machines in stores that you fill your jugs yourself from are the RO system like we now have in our home. The home system pays for itself in a short time and is fairly easy to install, and avoids the potentially unsafe plastic of the bottles.

Are you concerned about the lack of minerals in distilled water? Don’t be. 1) the “mineralized” waters contain forms of minerals that your body can’t use, in fact are hard on it. 2) if you want to naturally mineralize your distilled water, with a form your body can use, add about 6-8 grains of whole brown rice to a gallon jug of water and allow it to stand overnight. By morning you will have naturally mineralized water.

Another interesting distiller for those who want a non-electric distiller. Great for camping! Waterwise makes an all stainless steel distiller that you just set on a heat source. Waterwise WW1600 Non-Electric Stainless Steel Water Distiller

Oh, and yes I know, water doesn’t provide the “most nutrients” for our bodies. But pure water does, not only not give us toxins, but helps our bodies remove them.

*Note: Our Reverse Osmosis system is from Aqua-Safe in Canada. We found them on eBay. I’m guessing most any 5 stage/RO+DI system will be about the same. The 5 stage are harder to find. You may be happy with a 4 stage that are common, but I prefer the extra step for the best water possible.