Wet Socks

Whenever someone in our family is feeling “flu-y”, like they’ve been hit by a truck, feverish, with the chills, it’s time for the wet sock treatment! I learned this from a friend, who learned it from her naturopath. And we always wake up feeling much better after the Wet Sock Treatment.

You need a pair of thin white cotton socks and a pair of wool socks. Put the cotton socks into a bowl of ice cold water. Soak your feet in hot water (not scalding, but hot as you can without harming yourself) for at least 10 minutes. (You can soak whole body in bathtub if you want.) As soon as you remove your feet from the soak (or get out of the tub), wring out and put on the cold wet cotton socks. Immediately pull the dry wool socks on over the cotton socks, wrap up in a blanket and go to bed.

Disclaimer: We are not prescribing, just describing what we do.

Chickens Smarter than People?

Are chickens smarter than people? It appears that in this aspect they are.


Some seem to believe that genetically modified animal feed will not cause any undue effects in the human body. This is flawed thinking at its finest. After all, we are part of the food chain!

Those who believe that what they eat will not affect them simply do not understand the basics of how the human body works.

Read the whole article at mercola.com

Mosquito Season

It’s started here. The mosquitoes are out in full force.We must protect ourselves from these fiendish foes.

We don’t use any deet or other chemical products to protect. Purify,* a therapeutic-grade essential oil blend is our favorite bug repellent. We put it on bites straight and it removes the itching and swelling right away. As a preventative measure we add a few drops to a spray bottle of water, and spritz on our bodies. This spray can also be used to repel bugs in your home. Spraying it along floor and wall edges and window sills – or anywhere else you are having a problem, will stop ants and other “bugs” from invading your space.

Another commercial natural bug spray we’ve used is:

Buzz Away

Another we will be trying this year is Stinger’s Bug Off bracelets.

Bug Off! Adult Biting Insect Repelling Wrist Band

Stinger Insect Repelling Wristbands KK-4

*See our essential oil website for more info on Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade™ Essential Oils.

Living Coram Deo – before the Face of God,

Lisa @ Me and My House

Whammy – Bounce Back

Recovering from a brief whammy that started Wed. Sore throat, unable to breathe, cough, chills, fever. Felt quite a bit better Thur. Was able to get up for the not yet bright but early drive to Denver to pick up daughter’s friends yesterday. BUT, had absolutely NO voice yesterday. Today I’m preparing to sing special for church tomorrow – make that SIGN. I’m preparing backup for SIGNing, not SINGing this time. But I’m feeling much better. Voice returning. Just keeping the Kleenex close.

Here’s what I’ve used: [edited to update to what we are currently using]

On Guard in a Spray – down my throat at first sign of sore throat

Colloidal Silver – alternated with the Spray at the beginning

Fresh lemon juice (or Lemon Essential Oil, if we don’t have fresh lemons)  and raw honey in hot water – sip often

Breathe Essential Oil blend – for cough (or Oregano & Lemon)

Breathe Essential Oil blend – for congestion (whichever was closest each time) – oils applied 2-4 times a day

Oscillicoccinum – homeopathic remedy, 4 doses because I was desperate to kick this thing quick, with the week we’ve got.

No sugar or other “junk” food, milk/dairy, or meat.

LOTS of prayer for healing mercies.

See our essential oil website for more info on Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade™ Essential Oils.

Congestion Help

It’s that time of year. Spring colds and congestion. Here are some things that have helped our family. (Not prescribing or anything, just telling what works for us. Use at your own discretion.)
Eucalyptus herb – drink hot tea made from it, make a poultice from it and put it over your nose and sinuses, breathe the steam of it (put a handful or more into a pan of boiling water, remove from heat before adding the herb. cover the pan and let set about 15 min. cover your head and the pan with a towel and breathe deeply of the infusion. – You can also do this with chamomile herb. Chamomile is very relaxing too.) Traditional Medicinals makes tea bags called Breathe Easy (eucalyptus, licorice root and fennel) that are good if you can’t or don’t want to get the eucalyptus herb in bulk. (Chamomile Tea Bags.)

Irrigate your sinuses. Make a saline solution by dissolving 1 tsp. sea salt in 1 cup distilled room temp. water. Fill a large rubber bulb syringe (a 4 oz. baby syringe) with the solution and squirt it up your nose – do it over the sink – and let it drain out. Do both nostrils several times. This never fails me.

Eucalyptus (or eucalyptus blend) therapeutic-grade essential oil. Rub over the sinuses, and also place in a nebulizing diffuser. We use Breathe blend from doTerra.

More about therapeutic grade Essential Oils on our God’s Scents™ page.


Anyone who follows my teaching at all, probably knows that if you value your health you should avoid foods grown/raised with conventional herbicides, pesticides, growth hormones, are genetically modified, etc. What you may not have gleaned is that organically grown/raised foods have more nutrients. So we highly recommend that you get organically grown foods whenever possible.

However, I know that it is not always possible. A list has been published on the top foods that are most important to purchase organic if you can, and  those that are least harmful, if you must purchase non-organic.

Produce is what we usually think of, when we think of buying organic. But butter contains the most residues (i.e. worst to buy non-organic), and meat is next.

Worst non-organic produce:

Sweet bell peppers
Grapes (imported)

Safest non-organic produce:

Sweet peas (frozen)
Sweet corn (frozen)

Another interesting bit of information I learned is:

* A conventionally grown product carries a 4-digit PLU code (Ex: conventionally grown banana: 4011)
* An organic product carries a 5-digit code, starting with the number 9: (Ex: organic banana: 94011)
* A genetically engineered (GE or GMO) product has a 5-digit code, starting with the number 8: (Ex: GE banana: 84011)

All info taken from – and more can be read at –  Mercola.com

The information on PLU codes is great info to have, but know that stores do not HAVE to use it. So just because an item only has a 4 digit code, it does not mean that it is NOT GMO. (Personally, I have yet to see one that IS labeled GMO. However they are happy to label the organic with the 5 digit code beginning with 9. So that is helpful for buying organic produce.)

Cough Syrup?

I just heard the latest. “They” are now saying, “Don’t give your children cough syrup.” Hmm, haven’t I been saying such things for years? But I’m sure my reasonings are not the same as theirs, nor my solutions.

Oct. 11, ’07 – “the voluntary withdrawal of oral infant cough and cold medications from store shelves.” Oct. 18-19, ’07 – An advisory committee “voted to recommend to FDA that cough and cold active ingredients should no longer be available for use in children under six-years-old.”

Anyhow, the news didn’t affect me in the least. I haven’t bought or given my children OTC cough syrup for decades. But I thought if any of you did, you might want to know my grandma’s recipe. She wasn’t a big herbalist or anything, so there’s nothing unusual in this recipe. It’s easy enough for anyone to get the ingredients and anyone to make.

My mom was raised on it herself, and used it for her 7 children. She found it especially helpful for my older sister who has bad asthma that the doctors didn’t diagnose right away back then. And I’ve used for our 10 children when we’ve needed it.

It’s onion syrup, and it does a great job of cutting through the phlem and soothing the cough. This weekend, after a night at Chuck E Cheese’s while we are on the road, a couple of my children started coughing at grandma’s house. She pulled out the onion and started chopping. Here’s how.

Slice one large onion into a stainless steel sauce pan. Cover with raw honey – a cup or more. Put the lid on the pan and heat on a very low burner. Stir occasionally. How long? Hmm, good qustion. Until it’s done? The honey will turn to the thin liquid. The onions will get limp and transparent – and the fragrance will fill the house. I figure the aroma begins the healing benefits before you even consume the syrup. Anyhow, a couple hours maybe? Maybe less, maybe more. Let it cool enough to take. Take a couple tablespoons full. You can keep it in a sealed container – glass jar with lid or Tupperware. If you won’t use it all up right away, you can store it in the refrigerator as is, or you can strain the onions out an keep in the cupboard for a while. Especially if you refrigerate, reheat gently, until a warm thin syrup, before taking each time. You may be able to heat it enough just by putting the container in hot water. If you don’t refrigerate and don’t have time to rewarm it each time, just use as is.

At home I generally will add fresh lemon juice too, either to the batch after it is cooled or just to the individual dose. When we aren’t able to cook the onion syrup, or if we’re dealing with a sore throat and not cough, we just mix raw honey and fresh lemon juice. If even that can’t be done, if we’re somewhere else, I just take a spoonful of honey and add a drop or two of therapeutic-grade Lemon Essential Oil.

I hope you find these beneficial real foods helpful when your family needs a health boost.

Ditching the Junk and Detoxing 1

Greetings from Me and My House,

I would venture that most of you are like me and the hardest thing about getting started – or re-started! – eating right is the detox process. Our appetites have gotten addicted to whatever our downfall is – sugar?, meat?, dairy? and those things are all very addictive – and it’s so hard to make it through those first few days without it. The only way I’ve seen it work is COLD-TURKEY. As long as you keep feeding an addiction “just a little bit”, it won’t go away. We tell ourselves “this is it, just a little” but then our body continues to crave it, and we continue to feed it, and the cycle goes on.

I find one of the best ways to aid in staving off the addictions is to make sure that I’m eating PLENTY of the good stuff, that I’m not allowing myself to become hungry. When I become hungry AND I’m craving the junk, it’s just too easy to give in, because somehow the junk is usually easily accessible. Which is why a cardinal rule at our house is the junk doesn’t come in the house. (OK, my dear sweet husband breaks it sometimes.) Anyhow, eating lots of the good stuff isn’t going to make you fat, and I believe in the “grazing” principle of eating – i.e. throughout the day rather than 3 strict “meals”, we do eat 3 meals but we also allow snacks of good for you foods available at anytime. Have them on hand and ready to eat! A piece of fruit or a handful of nuts can satisfy a sweet tooth or fill the protein pit. They may not give you the emotional satisfaction of the junk, but they can help you overcome the craving and when coupled with PRAYER!!!!!, they can do the trick. I also find that Fresh Juices and Barley Green [now Barley Life, also Barley Max] really help in overcoming the cravings. When you are pouring a lot of concentrated nutrients into your body, it doesn’t cry out as much. Another tip to getting through the detoxification process sooner, and with less stress, is to drink plenty of pure water with fresh lemon juice in it, or Lemon Essential Oil. It really helps your body make it through detox. The Lemon juice speeds up the getting the toxins out of the body, and a non-toxic body desires the good stuff.

The other way, is just the opposite, and usually works faster, but requires a special grace. That is to fast. It is the quickest way to detox and get over cravings. But it’s usually harder emotionally on us. For some people though it’s easier to not eat ANYTHING, than to only not eat what they are craving. Using the Lemon Water, and possibly the Fresh Juices/ Barley Green [ now Barley Life] for a 3-plus days fast will do wonders for our bodies. And give us a fresh start when coming back to foods, only the GOOD ones. When going into or coming out of a fast have your last meal before the fast and your first meal after the fast be a fresh veggie salad (no heavy dressing, preferably only lemon juice). Watermelon or *organic* grapes can also be used to break a fast. Have your next meal be a baked potato with a salad, or some plain brown rice with a salad. You want fresh and easy to digest foods to reawaken your digestive system. Whatever you do don’t eat a heavy meal, and don’t break your fast by eating the junk foods you just went off of. Your body will thank you.

Detoxing is not a pleasant experience, but it is a GREATLY rewarding one. One you will be VERY GLAD you did. Victory feels SO GOOD.

Well, plenty more on this topic, but enough for now. A 2 year old needs her momma.

At Jesus’ feet,
Lisa – who’s needing to detox – again – before this baby comes in the next week or so!!