Whammy – Bounce Back

Recovering from a brief whammy that started Wed. Sore throat, unable to breathe, cough, chills, fever. Felt quite a bit better Thur. Was able to get up for the not yet bright but early drive to Denver to pick up daughter’s friends yesterday. BUT, had absolutely NO voice yesterday. Today I’m preparing to sing special for church tomorrow – make that SIGN. I’m preparing backup for SIGNing, not SINGing this time. But I’m feeling much better. Voice returning. Just keeping the Kleenex close.

Here’s what I’ve used: [edited to update to what we are currently using]

On Guard in a Spray – down my throat at first sign of sore throat

Colloidal Silver – alternated with the Spray at the beginning

Fresh lemon juice (or Lemon Essential Oil, if we don’t have fresh lemons)  and raw honey in hot water – sip often

Breathe Essential Oil blend – for cough (or Oregano & Lemon)

Breathe Essential Oil blend – for congestion (whichever was closest each time) – oils applied 2-4 times a day

Oscillicoccinum – homeopathic remedy, 4 doses because I was desperate to kick this thing quick, with the week we’ve got.

No sugar or other “junk” food, milk/dairy, or meat.

LOTS of prayer for healing mercies.

See our essential oil website for more info on Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade™ Essential Oils.

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